Want to be the coolest girl in your school? Be ready. It’s going to take effort, tons of practice, your very own natural ability, money and, of course, time. Not everyone can be the coolest girl after all that title could only fall to one. However, it isn’t unattainable to say the least. Follow these steps to learn how to be a cool girl that you always dreamt of.

How to Be a Cool Girl: 3 Steps to Make You to Be a Cool Girl


Know What a Cool Girl Is

A lot of people miss this when they want to be one. What does it truly mean to be a cool girl? “Cool girls” emits these positive emotional vibes that men sought and able to easily relate to. It is a kind of attraction that draws the men, even without looking like a supermodel.

Let’s start with what isn’t considered “cool” first.

Cool girls don’t over-dramatize situations or whatever a man is doing unless they are purposefully doing it to tease or make fun of the man playfully. We consider what we spoke carefully, no one wants to hear a girl whining and rambling about everything that’s going on with her life. Take note of what I said earlier about giving out positive vibes. We avoid mentioning negative situations, issues or problems that had long past it's due unless of course it is of extreme importance. We live in the moment and the past shouldn’t weight us down. We don’t pass our personal problems to others. It is our responsibility to fix and deal with. Simply put, we cool girls doesn’t create unnecessary drama or drag others into one.

So how to be a cool girl then?

We are funny, we are positive and we bring that to the people around us. We are a positive force to be reckoned with that men would experience with again and again. We don’t merely follow, we uphold presence and weight in the group. While we might often go with the flow, we are assertive of our own ideas and opinions when needed. We always try to respect others decision and have second options to keep ourselves satisfied. When a friend decides to left you out on an invitation, we already have another plan ready to keep us occupied and happy. There isn’t even a need to mention or complain about it.


Change Yourself from Outside

How to be cool? Change your outside appearance. Clothes and accessories are the most direct way to show off your cool and trendy side. Know what the fashion, what is currently “in”. Visit the shops that are targeted for young adults to get the general ideas of the current trend, such as H&M or Forever 21. Matching colors and styles might be easy at a glance but could be difficult to get right. Unless you are a natural at it.

Some of the great items to own are skinny jeans, they are comfortable and simple to pair with a top. Pierce your ears and wear big earing, those put a nice emphasis on the shape of your face. Hoodies and sweaters are a must haves, hoodies are perfect if you are feeling lazy on thinking of what to wear for the top too. Big buckled belts accent your hips more especially when with those low-rise jeans. Wear a skirt if it’s summer, I recommend those floral and the ever-popular tribal patterns. Scarves are a great addition to the wardrobe, you are going to need it for the winter anyway. Wear long necklaces, it spices up whatever top you, particularly those single colored ones. Graphic tees are still fine to put on when you aren’t in the mood to put in any effort, but you might want to avoid them this time, unless of course, you are going for the boyish looks.

Perfume could raise your attractiveness. Personally, I found it optional, but when used in moderation can be really “cool”.

Lastly, makeup, probably the more difficult to master. When you just started, it might be daunting with all the type of makeups. For a start, there is no need for it to be a struggle. Just applying a bit of mascara lip gloss and eye shadow is all that is really needed.


Improve Your Inner World

Be Confident

Throw those insecurities out of the window. You are pretty enough and you will be cool. You are beautiful in your own way, either it's on the inside or the outside. Be comfortable with your own body and personality. You want people to know the real you, and those qualities that you have. Believe in yourself. That is the key on how to be a cool girl.

An attractive appearance reduces your insecurities and thus boost your confidence. Finding your own clothes style is one way or you can copy whatever the popular kids or celebrities are wearing these days. Hairstyles is another one that I personally avoid experimenting on too much, after all they are my precious! If you have jet black long hair, considers a ponytail for a day, it will give you a different, more refreshing look. With that said, looking good helps a lot in making you feel more confident in yourself.

Be Outgoing

Shyness might gather you some friend but being outgoing brings so many more. Get out there and meet new people! You shouldn’t fear to talk to others. Be friendly and show interest in people and they will like you back. People won’t approach you when you hide in a corner and expects to be popular. You are going to have to actively seeks it. Outgoing people reach out to more outgoing people and soon you get to talk to even more people.

Stay Fit and Work Out

Not only are they good for your health, you get a nice looking body out of it too. That will certainly help with your insecurities and boost your confidence further. Playing sports might give a greater chance for you to meet new people, guys in particular. Why not? Most guys like sporty and outgoing girls since they are more reliable.


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