Who is a good girl? A good girl can be defined as that young woman who loves being honest and maintains her integrity, and tells the truth at all times, even when it hurts. A god girl is that compassionate woman who doesn't like being mean or petty. A good girl is that woman who understands the fact that no one is perfect and handles her own failings and the failings of everyone around her with much grace and poise. A good girl is that very secure and confident woman who does whatever it takes to be at peace with everyone without compromising on her own standards in any way to suit others.

Being a good girl is a natural virtue. If you want to learn more on how to be a good girl, you can take the quick test in the link below to know where you stand presently:


How to Be a Good Girl: 10 Things You Should Remember in Heart


Clean Up to Be a Perfect Girl

Practicing how to be a good girl involves rehearsing cleanliness ethics. Below are some steps you can incorporate into your schedule be maintain a good level of cleanliness:

  • Make sure you shower as often as possible during the day, especially after some strenuous tasks that made you sweat. If you engage in workouts, hard works, taking a walk home after work, etc, make sure you shower after that. However, make sure you take one good shower daily.

  • Wash your hair regularly. Your hair type determines how often you wash the hair. If your hair is dry and coarse, you can wash it less often like once a day, but if it is sleek and thin, you may need to wash it more often to get the desired results.

  • Give your oral health adequate attention. Take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing as often as possible. This will enable you maintain a very clean breath.

  • Freshen up. To be a perfect girl, you need to freshen up more often. Use deodorant, or combine deodorant and antiperspirant and apply it under your armpits when you wake up every morning. On the other hand, if you sweat a lot, look for a more clinical deodorant or a higher grade deodorant.

  • Take care of your nails to be the perfect girl you wish to be. Give yourself some manicure-pedicure treatments at least once per week. Clean up your finger and toenails, and get them trimmed down. You can also apply a nail gloss.


Dress Well to Be a Perfect Girl

Dress up in a way that make you look alluring and well-packaged without appearing too forward. When building a closet, consider the following thoughts: Buy some nice pieces such as white catch up shirts, straight pants, a good sweater, and boots of varied colors. These nice pieces can blend with different outfits.

You don't have to be enslaved to patterns. Fashion trends are always changing and crazes run randomly, so don't be caught up in the frenzy of purchasing whatever is trending at that moment because it will be out of fashion before you get to enjoy it.

Avoid overcompensating the extras. Take a cue from the old adage that says you must remove one thing before leaving home.

Make sure you have clean clothes always. Having a closet filled with great pieces does not guarantee you can always find something clean to wear. Make sure you have a clothing timetable that ensures you do not scramble for clean clothes every morning.


Strive for Good Grades

Whether you like it or not, your main responsibility as a high school student is to get education. Pay attention to your studies, learn everything you can afford to learn all through your high school years. One way to show your parents how serious you are with your studies is by doing well in your courses. Additionally, good grades gives you more options when it comes to which college to go to.


Helping Out in Home Chores

Obey your parents and do what you are asked to do in the house. If you are assigned to do the dishes, don't argue, just do them. Having a neatly arranged room is a good thing, and it also helps you live a more organized life where you can find whatever you need in a jiffy.


Smile and Be Warm

Your journey to becoming a very nice person begins with wearing a good smile all the time and be warm.

There is no point being grumpy and plastering a frown at all times. Always view the glass of life as being half full. Happiness is infectious-when you form the habit of being happy all the time, you will infect everyone around you with happiness.


Respect Everyone

Respect everyone who respects you. If you wish to practice being nice to everyone, treat people around you with some respect. Remember someone is always watching you. Make sure you don't favor some people with your niceness, while you are harsh to everyone else. People will easily see through your presence is your niceness isn't real.


Think from Other Person's Viewpoint

Most people are so full of themselves that they never think from another person's perspective.

If your friend is having lobster for the very first time, don't laugh as they struggle with the hard lobster shells, instead, show some sympathy and care. Share your own experience about your first time with lobster and how the lobster fell of your table. Making your friend feel better will make him/her better and more grateful. And they end up liking you even more.


Don't Be Egoistic

Try and be confident about yourself. Be proud of the things you have achieved or your annual income. But make sure you do not bring your ego to the open when interacting publicly with others. People who are not as fortunate as you are will think you brag a lot. You can be proud and egoistic inside of you, but only reveal it when necessary.


Do Not Be a Pushover

Being nice does not mean you should take whatever shit people hurl at you. It is ok to e rude at times. But make sure your anger and rudeness is always justified. If you have principles and take your stand at all times, people will take you seriously all the time, respect you and treat you like an important personality. Pushovers are taken for granted at all times and hated for their inability to take a stand.


Maintain Your Interests to Be a Perfect Girl

Maintain your interests in being a perfect girl. It is your interests that makes you special and intriguing, so make sure you have time to work on them. Take part in games, music, anything that helps keep you distracted, peruse, or do whatever you love doing. This will help keep you entranced and balanced.

Take part in some extracurricular activities and make new friends.

Occupy yourself with meaningful things. Being occupied makes you a fun person to be with. It means you have a lot to contribute during discussions. Think of it: Being with someone with an idea of a number of current issues is always far more intriguing than being with someone who does nothing but lounge around the house all day.


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