When it comes to how to be attractive to girls, there are no hard and fast rules. First you must take time to understand the things that appeal to the girl the most. If she loves to laugh, make it your job to tell her funny stories. Every girl love a man with a good sense of humor, so make sure you work on your humor skills if they are worn out. There are probably a number of guys queuing to get her attention, so if you want to win the context, you have to show you can be more caring than everyone else.

How to Be Attractive to Girls: 4 Steps You Can Follow


Take a Test

Becoming attractive is something you should give some attention. Before delving into how to be attractive to girls, you must first ask yourself if people find you attractive enough or too mean to be considered attractive by any standard.

Take this great test to ascertain your level of attractiveness! Don't forget that being attractive goes beyond mere looks, it has a lot to do with your personality and values. For instance, if you have a big-head, that makes you a bit ugly! However, you can take the test in the following links to know how attractive you appear to others.




Improve from Outside

Exercise Regularly

You must not lift some heavy weights before you can get fit. Common push-ups and press-ups can go a long way to get you in the right shape. Push-ups are great for your chest, crunches are great for your abs. Adding some cardiovascular exercises along with these can do a lot to keep you fit. Some cardio exercises can do include running, biking, and swimming.

Be Well-Dressed

You don't have to dress to stand out, just put on nice clothes that look good on you. Get nice shirts of different colors that matches your skin color. Get some fitting jeans and smart canvas sneakers to spice up your looks. Don't wear things that do not fit like skinny jeans or baggy clothes. You must not spend a fortune before you can look good, just make sure the clothes are of the best quality and makes you feel comfortable.

Pay Attention to Your Hygiene

Take your bath as often as possible, use a good deodorant with some nice cologne, give your teeth adequate care and make use of other items that help you stay clean and cute.


Know Girl's Psychology

Personality traits comes up once again.

You need to understand the traits the girl you are attracted to like in a man. Generally, girls prefer men with personality traits such as dominance, ambition, confidence, risk taking, independence, mysterious, hard-to-get, and several others.

Learning how to be attractive to girls should begin with knowing what awakens their interests in a man and the things they respond to the most.

Some points

  • Girls who grew up in strict environments love men who offer them more freedom to explore the things they were never allowed to partake in.

  • Girls who act like teenagers even when they are well above the teenage age bracket prefer men who dominate them and stifle their wild fantasies.

  • There is an old adage that says, "where there is a need, there is always a way" so a girl that has a psychological need will always be attracted to a man who can meet that need irrespective of the girl's relationship or marital status.


Details Create Miracles

  • Do not shy away from works that require physical strength when your dream girl is around. Girls are known to be attracted to strong men.

  • Acquire a sexy soft voice. You don't really need to sound like Barry white to make a good impression, all you need is a nice baritone to cover up the unattractive traits you have. I have fallen for such voices myself a number of times.

  • Show her you can banter. A good sense of humor is an added advantage any day. Lack of humor makes attractive people unattractive. Girls are known to fall for men that can make them laugh easily. It is a common notion that if you can make her laugh, you can make her do anything!

  • Make sure you smell nice all the time. In my study on how to be attractive to girls, I have come to discover that girls find a good male scent very attractive. You don't have to wear a heavy cologne to make a good impression. Just make sure you smell nice and masculine all the time and girls will find you more appealing than they are willing to admit.

  • Learn to focus on her when you guys are out on a date. This is more important during the first few dates. Resist the temptation to look at other girls no matter how sexy and attractive they might look. Girls adore guys who can afford to give them all their attention even when they have a reason to feed their eyes on those seductively dressed girls lurking around.

  • Make sure you can prepare at least one delicious meal. You don't have to be a professional chef to please her with your cooking skills. Just make sure you can treat her to a very delicious meal once in a while. Every woman loves waking up to see that breakfast is ready.

  • Own a cute dog. Having a cute dog has a way of proving to the girl you can take care of someone else other than yourself. Studies have shown that if he has a pet he adores, chances are that he would do more when you come into his life.

  • Let them watch you while you work. If there is something you are good at, you can arrange a time and place where the girl of your dream can watch while you do your thing. Showing off your greatest skills can be a good turn on.

  • Be nice to her family and friends. If you show enough interest in everything about her and everyone around her, she might fall for you easily.

  • Girls love a man that ignores calls and text messages from other girls just to give them full attention. This is a great sign of respect. It shows the girl how much you value and cherish her.

  • If you let a kid or his pregnant mother take your seat in a public bus, you would have struck a good cord in her heart. Girls want to be sure they are getting involved with the right person. One of the things they care about the most is if you are caring enough to care for them.

  • Compliment her as often as possible. Now this is a very important one. I won't end this article on how to be attractive to girls without talking about the importance of regular compliments to girls. Let her know you love her hair, perfume, dress, and other such stuffs.


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