As unbelievable as it is, there is actually a scientific explanation to why we find someone attractive. Beyond just common sense recommendations, some of these tips are aimed at arousing our animal impulse, others to play with our assumptions of sex appeal. Call it chemistry, and you will be right. But how to create one? Feel free to read the guide on how to be attractive to men below and act accordingly to lure a male into your tempting trap.

15 Things to Do to Become More Attractive to Men


Smell good

Before you have a chance to shine your awesomeness on him, there will be your smell. A trace of your perfume or just the smell of your clean skin can be the things to help you make a wonderful first impression. At this downright physical level, it ignites your senses, so be prepared and come fully armed with something that best reflects your personality and is unique to you only.


Wear red

It’s a proven fact that the red color worn by women has the ability to arouse the opposite sex while it can’t affect women’s perception of neither men or other women. With this in mind, be careful not to overdo your red wardrobe for the occasion. Red-colored accessories, lipstick, nail polish or one garment will be perfect to add up a sparky note to your conversation with your male vis-à-vis.


Smile effortlessly

Now, flaunt your perfect smile and ease the atmosphere to come up as a cheerful, easy-going woman you actually are. Starting from the moment you meet him, smile should become your most reliable weapon if you really want to know how to be attractive to men. It will tell a lot about your mood and attitude towards him (or them?) and help to establish the initial bridge that leads to a closer acquaintance.


Respond to his body language

For him to get caught, your mimicking his body language would be truly flattering. Again, one of the basic, instinctive reactions, this would trigger the law of natural attraction as you let him know that you take him as an equal and quite appealing male. Don’t get in a closed position with your arms and legs crossed, and the rest is a matter of practice.


Highlight your femininity

Moderate make-up to emphasize the best sides of your appearance, long hair, healthy and radiating skin, well-fit clothes will all help you to trigger his response effectively. It’s important for you to understand what works best for you, so that you don’t fall in this trap of overdoing things, like growing two-inch nails or putting a fancy make-up in the middle of the day.


Don’t be alone

Surprisingly, this art of how to be attractive to men works best when you are surrounded by your happily chattering BFFs. The law of attraction says that when in a group, you are likely to be perceived as more attractive because an outsider will think of each in your group as a certain average of characteristics. So the more well-attended and elegant you are, the more chances you have to catch an eye of a handsome passer-by.


Aim at your look-alike

Our favorite science goes on and proves that two people are more likely to fall for each other and live happily forever if they look similar. It has nothing to do with kinship, but next time you visit your long-married couple of friends, pay attention if they really look alike. It’s considered to be a good foundation for giving birth to sturdier, healthier children, so it’s pretty primal in its origins.


Flaunt your curves

We’re in the territory of the obvious here, but no man misses the sight of women’s gracious curves. No need to go vulgar here, just choose your clothes wisely to highlight everything that you have to flaunt. Sometimes keeping it just suggestive without exposing much will set off their imagination even more.


Train your sense of humor

They judge by appearances, but after the first sight they will take a closer look. To sustain their attention, it’s good to train your communication skills, including but not limited to the sense of humor, the ability to laugh at yourself, to confront bad jokes and keep a playful, witty conversation.


Show off your intelligence

Another important side of your personality, intelligence is the key to how to be attractive to men. Add it up to your treasury of top qualities next to a good sense of humor, elegance and cheerfulness to win him over. Don’t listen to the ones who say that clever women tend to frighten men as they allegedly prefer weaker, more naïve types who just smile when they have nothing to say. We come from a luckier bunch, don’t we?


Stay reasonably independent

It’s self-explanatory, but why reasonably? Still referred to as a fair sex, we have however mastered the skill of pretending weaker than we are. So while keeping them at some distance and showing that we can figure out our lives perfectly, it never hurts to let them a bit closer and allow them to take care of us, as it sparks up their instincts of protecting and caring.


Be free-spirited

When you live like you have the whole world laying there at your feet, and taste all the wonderful shades of life that it has to offer, it ignites men’s curiosity. They would definitely like to discover more, to let you guide them to a more interesting way of life, and when you show them how much is there waiting for them, they will die to join you in this adventurous journey.


Show your flirting skills

Even if you opt for behaving as if you are pretty cool on your own, showcasing a milder side of yourself is beneficial if you want to attract men. It’s important to keep it wise and not go at great length by playing out all these stereotypes. However, your knowledge of how to be flirty, fully in power of your own femininity, will definitely become one of your competitive advantages, if you know what I mean.


Return his glances

This is one of those resorts for you to stick to if you want to show you are interested in him. And by showing this, you are likely to provoke a positive reaction. Any time you catch his glance, don’t try to hide your eyes but return his glance. Not a blank stare, but a glance full of awareness.


Appreciate him

No man wants a doll beside him. So the last piece of advice here would be to compliment him, show your appreciation of his actions and behavior. Even though it seems like playing on our animal side, this is just how men were created. So go along with the nature and praise him to attract and make him stay!


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