There is nothing sexier than being confident and bold at all times, especially when it comes to holding up a conversation with a pretty member of the opposite sex. Everyone likes the confident aura bold people exude. They are often seen as attractive and positive. These are the people everyone wants to spend time with. But being confident is not a feat one achieves overnight; it requires both time and relentless practice. There are certain tips and tricks you can never overlook when it comes to how to be confident around girls. If you have always had the problem of lack of confidence, you need not worry as there are several tricks you can learn on how to be confident around girls.

How to Be Confident Around Girls: 4 Essential Things You Should Know


Consider Why You Can't Be Confident

Make sure you know exactly what shyness means. There are different ways shyness can be manifested depending on the circumstances surrounding a particular individual. Knowing the very things that make you shy is one way of learning how to be confident around girls and it helps you deal with the issue of timidity whenever they happen.

  • Common reasons for shyness:

  • Hesitation to speak in public gatherings

  • Speaking softly or mumbling

  • Skipping social gatherings at will

  • Talking more than necessary as a result of nervousness


Change Yourself

  • Dress well. Before you step out from your home, make sure you are looking your best at all times. Make sure you feel good about the way you look before you head out. It is not about wearing expensive clothes, it is about feeling good about what you wear. There is no single style that tells you how confident you are, but make sure you are wearing it well before you leave home.

  • Educate yourself well on those topics you are most interested in. Your ability to interact intelligibly with others on any trending topic can go a long way to boost your confidence. Make sure you know all about what is trending to enable you make meaningful contributions whenever such issues come up.

  • Learn how to talk in a mirror. Talking in a mirror will enable you monitor your facial expressions and know how you would respond in every given situation and conversation. Knowing what you might possibly say can go a long way to help you prepare your conversation. Smiling to yourself a number of times each day can do wonders to your confidence levels.


Think Differently

  • Feeling good about yourself can have several paths, but do not forget that an inner peace is about the most important thing you can have. Once you are satisfied with yourself from the inside, you can muster courage to approach the girl of your dreams. That low self-esteem will find its way out the moment you learn to feel very good about yourself. The moment you stop craving people's acceptance and feel thoroughly good about who you are, you will be able to build up very strong self-esteem and engage in meaningful conversation with others. This way, others will begin to develop interest in you. This self-development may, however, take some time, but in the end, it will all be worth the time and effort. A good self-esteem has a lot of benefits to you as an individual, your profession and your relationships.

  • Try talking to that pretty lady like you would talk to any other woman. Every pretty lady gets lots of compliments and attention from male admirers, so if you come across as one of them, you will only make it to her friends' list. Try to stand yourself out from the crowd of men who try to talk to her. Do not pretend to be what you are not. Pretty women get approached a lot and they can easily tell who is real and who is faking it from the first lines of the conversation.

  • Do not try to analyze what others say too much. Perceived perception is one major cause of shyness most times. Most people who fumble in the company of girls or in public functions do so because of their stereotyped beliefs that people see them as being extremely timid, but in reality, no one has such thoughts about them. Do not bother yourself with what people might be thinking about you because most times, they are too busy to give you any thought.


Remember These Tips

  • Women love a deep voice: This one is mostly on the subconscious level. Most women will easily fall for that Christian Bale in Batman kind of deep male voice. Please do not try to fake this voice if you do not have it.

  • With some impressive reputation in either social circles or academics, she would probably be eager to meet you. If you are some popular guy in some social circles, that would be an added advantage.

  • Always ensure your questions are kept neutral and nice. Asking a personal question so soon can come off as creepy.

  • You can also cover lots of ground with one beautiful smile. Try not to leer or wink. Grin genuinely when you are teased. Think of a good way to respond like, Oh! I already know that. I do not worry myself about cooties at all. I have gotten this year's cootie vaccination.


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