It is a common notion in some quarters that to be extremely good in bed, you must have mastered over 50 different sex positions or have a good porn background. How to be good at sex boils down to more practical things and realistic factors, some of which you possess already. In case you know nothing about how to be good at sex, this article is aimed at helping you develop great skills that will enable you wow your partner each time you meet.

How to Be Good At Sex: 15 Methods Worth Trying


You are not judgmental

Whether it is listening to your partner's fantasies or identifying your own, opening your heart to new turns and different desires is very important when it comes to how to be good at sex.


You are innovative

No article on how to be good at sex can be said to be insightful without mentioning the place of creativity in making your sex life awesome. When you look at the arm of your couch, you should see a good prop for your favorite doggie style, when you see that bra, you should think of it as a great bondage tool during sex. Creativity remains one of the greatest ways to spice your sex life up. You can choose different locations in the house for the sex, it doesn't have to be the bed. You can go to the closet, you can have it in the shower or any other such thrilling place.


You should think about sex more often

You should not restrict thinking about sex only when you are getting set for the act or when you meet someone with a hot body. There is a very strong mental component to sex. So when you get aroused at random during the day, do not try to dismiss it, pay attention to your sensual feelings. Give yourself some space for erotic feelings and take note of sexy things in your immediate environment. There is a direct connection between your brain and your libido!


You can put your partners needs above yours

Make sure you practice compassion in every aspect of your life. It is important you show some level of compassion in the bedroom as well. We are not saying you should always put your partner's needs first and ignore yours. Your libido is as important as your partners if not more important. What we are stressing is that focusing on making your partner happy once in a while can be one of the greatest tips you can ever get on how to be good at sex.


You will try everything at once

You won't be very good in bed if you do nothing else than that which you are good at all the time. You don't necessarily have to agree to hang from a tree in the name of having adventurous sex, but you can think of new ways to do things. However, if your partner comes up with an idea you are not too comfortable with like having a threesome, you have the right to say no.


You can really laugh at yourself

Sex ought to be a good thing, so if you are good at it, you are expected to see humor in every sex situation. Laugh at those weird sounds you make sometimes, when you try a new position and it doesn't work, see it as a good chance to have a great laugh.


You enjoy your solo time

Talking about enjoying your solo time, I don't mean with Netflix, I'm talking about your vagina. Once you understand your body and how it loves to be touched, you tend to enjoy sex better. Women easily forget how pleasurable masturbation is actually, especially when they are dating; though most people think masturbation has a way of reducing the sex drive, but the reverse is really the case.


You are not self-conscious

Think about some of the best sex times you have ever enjoyed with your partner-there are chances that your partner was very enthusiastic, passionate, and oozed a lot of sex appeal. They probably didn't give a damn about their body, trying to keep the room dark, or making complaints about their big bellies. One of the greatest assets you can have when it comes to how to be good at sex is confidence.


You know when to get loud and crazy

One great attribute everyone yearns for in a partner is the ability to let go, let loose, and go uncensored. This will remove the conventional inhibitions, which makes you and your partner sexier. Another reason is that some men love women who make a lot of noise during sex. Men look up to those sounds as signals that she is getting real satisfaction and as a compass for their next moves. Such sounds can come in the form of a deep moan or words like slower, harder, or yea babe.


You are quite spontaneous

Most men believe that the greatest and most amazing thing a woman can do during sex is to be in charge and do some spontaneous stunts. Such things can range from waking the man up with a passionate and hot blow job or waiting for him in the bed in a very sexy lingerie.


Your physical fitness

Most women see the man's physical fitness as a great aphrodisiac. Studies have also shown that men who exercise more regular do better in bed. Physical exercises help build your stamina, increase your libido, helps you gain confidence and learn endurance.


For anal sex, always wash hands

Sex can be likened to dining: always wash your hands before the sex. If you have been handling some chili peppers, using soap and water won't not be enough to remove the peppery sensation. At such times, go with caution when digging deep into your partner's tender zones.


Remove your socks

Always shed your socks the same time you shed those pants. But you can leave them on if your partner asks you to leave them on or when the room is freezing cold.

Always tell your partner what you love; but do not expect they will always love what you love. Having a preference and being fascist are two different things.


Avoid popping buttons carelessly

Those bodice ripping you see on romance novels and movies should not get you carried away. Only practice them if the garment is easily replaceable and holds no great importance to your partner.


Do not rush

Never make the mistake of making the assumption that the same thing works for all girls. Your new partner may not like that style your former partner preferred. Never assume you know everything. Take it slow and go easy.


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