Perky breasts and a sexy figure sure help you catch the eyes of many men, but when it comes to inspiring a guy to walk across the room to show genuine interest in you, you often fail. That’s because you attract the worst of the worst who are only interested in treating you like a sex object – having sex with you and then discarding you. So if you’re tired of meeting jerks left, right and centre, it’s time for a change.

How to Be Irresistible to Men

You’re already smart and attractive, and these tips on becoming irresistible to men will definitely help you attract the right sort of man towards you.

Stop being needy

Tell me if you’ve ever come across this conversation between two guys:

“Hey man, Jackie loves to be with me 24x7. She is always by my side and never leaves me alone for a second. Especially when it comes to needing me emotionally. Boy, I sure do love it.”

No? Well that’s because no sane man on the planet is attracted to a woman who’s a mess. And by a mess I mean emotionally. Get a grip, girl. Guys aren’t stupid. They can see a needy girl from a mile away, so you'd better start working on that emotional desperation of yours.


Don’t give him too much attention

So, you've just met an incredibly gorgeous guy, who is sensitive and kind as well. What do you do? Well, most women would shower all their attention on him. But so much attention always puts the guy under pressure, forcing him to give the equal amount of attention to the girl. Don’t be like that. Be your own woman. If you like him, don’t go overboard with your emotions. Maintain a safe distance from him and show him that you’re slightly out of reach for him. But don't overdo this; do give him hope that you two can be together if he tries a little bit harder. That will instantly make you more attractive to him.


Flirt with other guys in front of him

You may be wondering how this could be a trick on how to be irresistible to men. Here’s the thing. It is in the average man’s nature to compete over the affections of a woman. And the more men you have fawning over you (no matter whether they are good enough for you or not), the more he sees you as a prize he has to win. It will also make him feel more in control of the situation, thus letting his guard down in front of you.


Be graceful

Use your body language to your advantage. Sit straight, don’t slouch, lean a little forward when talking to him, maintain regular eye contact, smile, keep your chin up and every once in a while, accidentally brush your hands against his hands or shoulders. This sends him a subconscious message that you’re available for him.


Be feminine

Is this a sexist thing? Well, look at it this way – if you don’t want a feminine man in your life, then why would a man want a manly woman in his? Let him see your feminine side; it only makes you appear more attractive. A lot of men prefer hanging out with girly/feminine women than hard ass ones. So go ahead, put on that red lipstick and that gorgeous bronzer and don’t forget to wear those high heels.


Be confident

A sexy outfit only goes so far. The rest of it really depends on you and how comfortable and confident you are in your clothes, as well as your look. If you’re nervous or uncomfortable, your body language will betray you and any man will be turned off within minutes. Confidence is sexy, and it tells men that you aren’t an emotional mess but an independent and attractive woman.


Take good care of him

When thinking about how to be irresistible to men, this one should never be missed out. Not many men will accept it openly, but they do enjoy it when the women in their lives take care of them. I don’t mean as a substitute for their mothers. Nah. It means to go a little out of your way ever so often to ask him how he’s doing, look after him when he’s ill, etc.


Talk about stuff that you and he like

Sustaining an interesting conversation can sometimes be difficult, seeing how there’s a very limited variety of topics you can have with people you barely know. So why not talk about stuff that he or you are passionate about? Science backs the fact that men dig passionate women; it helps sell the myth that those women are better in bed as well.


Be present

Well, physically you’re obviously sitting beside him. But I’m talking about being mentally present. For example, don’t let your mind wander off when he’s telling you about how he celebrated his dog’s birthday. It is rude and shows that you have little interest in things that are important to him, which will obviously turn him off. Be present, responsive, sharp and witty. He’ll love that.


Be playful

Well because simply put, no man likes to hang out with a bore. You have to offer him something that he likes, and an overwhelming majority of men like women who are playful and aren’t afraid to hide that side of theirs. It shows them you aren’t uptight or obnoxious which makes you more irresistible, as well as the fact that they can have the most pointless conversations with you without being judged for that. A woman who’s fun, playful and goofy once in a while is super cute, according to men! So with all the things said, do you get all the tricks and hacks of how to be irresistible to men?


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