When it comes to how to be sexy for your husband, you need to pay attention to details because it can be all you need to save your marriage. The problem with most women is, they do not know how to go about the business of looking sexy for the man for as long as necessary. If you need help on how to be sexy for your husband, this article is for you.

How to Be Sexy for Your Husband: 17 Sexy Tips You Cannot Miss


Share Steaming Fantasies

Give a graphic detail of what you wish to do to him at that very moment. You can send him an email, text message, or a handwritten note. This works best when sent in the middle of a crucial business meeting. You can also whisper the lusty message into his ear in a crowded restaurant, movie theater, or party.


Be a Centerfold Model

You don't need a bleach blonde hair, fake boobs or any access to an airbrush. Send a sexy pix of you in some skimpy dresses. You can send this as a multimedia message with your phone or leave the pix in strategic places like under his pillow, in his briefcase and any other such places only he has access to. Do not send him this type of pix if you do not trust him.


Get a New Outfit

You can go shopping for the sexiest lingerie or get a cute new haircut. Switch from the usual white undies for the night to something red. Most men charge up when they see the red color on their women.


Go Commando

There may be nothing sexy about the man not wearing any pants under his jeans, but when the woman whispers to the man she has got nothing under her tight jeans, it can get the man's heart racing in anticipation.


Arrange It like Julie McCoy

Fix a surprise date and note the things he loves the most such as favorite foods and drinks, hobbies, political and religious interests and plan your surprise date around such interests. Find out his favorite ale and pack about six packs in the picnic box. If he loves fly-fishing, get him to teach you how to fly-fish while you strike an argument around politics and religion depending on his interests. After this experience, you won't need to persuade him to accompany you to the grocery store anymore-he will be willing to come along and even hold the grocery bag.


Try to Control It

Be in charge of the lovemaking. Make the first necessary moves, let him know what you plan doing to him. Have him lie on his back while you determine the pace and tempo of the romantic episode. You can tie him up to ensure he complies with your orders. Undress him first before deciding whether to undress yourself or not. With these moves, you will have him at your beck and call.


Put Him in the Mood with the Right Music

A good solution to how to be sexy for your husband. Playing some emotional songs can turn your man on faster than you can ever imagine. You can play something like Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing, and before you know it, he is all over you.


Maintain Good Eye Contact

Staring your husband in the eye is one easy way of letting him know you are as much turned on as he is. There is something passionate about maintaining a good eye contact with your man.


Massage His Feet

You can rub his belly or tickle his back or anything you think will make him walk on cloud seven. Stress can take the sex drive out of any man, massaging him gently can help him relax and concentrate on you instead of his worries.


Play Footsie

Slip your toes out of your shoes when seated opposite him in a restaurant and explore his legs with your toes. Carry on the usual conversation while you get him in the mood.


Stare At Your Old Pictures Together

Looking at the good old days in pictures can help bring the old passion flooding back. Those old pictures have a way of evoking wistfulness, tenderness, and affection.


Try the 90 Seconds Quickie

If you are under great time restraints, you can kiss, touch and fondle each other for a minute and half. This doesn't have to lead to sex, though it certainly can.


Make a Date for Sex

A good time can be when the kids watch their favorite 30 minutes sitcom in the evening after school.


Plan a Short Light Trip

Come up with a surprising vacation and hand him the tickets and your new bikini with a note that says you plan to wear that all through the vacation.


Seduce Him Using the Senses

We have mentioned the visual nature of guys earlier. Use the five senses to seduce him.

  • Sight: Put on red, like painting your toenails red. In a survey conducted to find out which colors turn men on the most, it was discovered that men do the magic more than any other colors.

  • Smell: This is not about wearing expensive perfumes, it is more about smelling natural. Every one of us has a unique scent, and this can be a great turn on. The most potent aphrodisiac is your body scent.

  • Taste: Feed him some chocolates. The taste of chocolates stimulates the brain to release serotonin-the feel good hormone. Also, feed him like a baby can surely turn him on.

  • Sound: There is nothing wrong with being noisy when it comes to sex and intimacy. Men love loud women. You don't have to scream for the whole street to hear, just a gentle sigh or saying things like more, there, harder, can do the magic.


Get in the Shower Together

Joining him in the shower unannounced can be a huge turn on. If you have got kids running around, remember to lock the door behind you.


Play "Strip" Anything

You can convert any board game you play at home into a part of your sex time by making "Strip" part of the initial stage (Strip Battleship is a clothing material for every sunk ship), (Strip Scrabble for each word that is worth between 20 and 30 points), (Strip Monopoly for any item of clothing to leave jail), etc.

How to Be Sexy for Your Husband: Two Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make


Don’t Worry About Your Appearance Too Much

Most women spend a fortune on makeup and expensive designer clothes, all in a bid to appear sexy to their husbands. But what they do not know is that the way a woman looks play a very small role in her sexiness. The way you behave, the words you speak, your looks, and several other things all work together to determine how sexy you appear to your husband. Stop thinking that your appearance alone determines how sexy your husband finds you. Women look sexiest when they are confident.


Don’t Assume He Doesn’t Think You Are Sexy

Most women believe their husbands do not find them sexy, which explains why they never say it. One of my clients once told me she needed to appear sexier to her husband so I asked her if he ever told her she was sexy, to which she said no. I asked her if she ever asked him, she said no and I told her to go home and ask. The next time I met her, she told me her husband thinks she is quite sexy, but never got to say it in order not to disrespect her. Men are like pets, you need to train them to do certain things before they learn to do them. Just like you tell your husband to change a light bulb before she does, you can also train him to tell you how sexy you look before he learns to. It is that easy actually.


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