Successful relationships don’t just fall from heaven or delivered right to your doorsteps in a box wrapped in fancy paper, tied with ribbons and all that brouhaha. It’s not a gift, much less a guarantee and if you think as much, you better wake up now before another less dreamy woman snatches your boyfriend away.

If you want your man to stay hooked, you have to work hard for it. It takes effort, but you can learn how to be the best girlfriend to make your boyfriend love you more.

5 Tips for Becoming the Best Girlfriend


Sense of humor

Think that only women require that their mate make them laugh? Well, think again. Men are actually suckers for women who can tickle their funny bones once in a while.

In a survey conducted by editors of Men’s Health magazine, a surprising 75 percent of men respondents confessed that sense of humor is the single biggest reason that they are attracted to women. This is a bit of a shocker since we naturally expect these macho types, testosterone laden men to be gawking at bikini clad goddesses instead of trading jokes with them.


Look great – for him

Don’t assume that just because you are together you no longer have to exert extra effort to look stunning when you go out on a date. Men are naturally competitive and would readily flaunt their girlfriend to their friends and family. He does not just enjoy the visuals, but also basks in whatever compliment thrown your way. Having a beautiful girlfriend validates his status among his peers and makes him look good too.

But don’t overdo your preparations or you’ll risk ruining his mood. No matter the occasion, try your best to limit his waiting to 10 minutes. Take longer than that and you’ll walk out to an annoyed boyfriend and a soured night out.


Great sex

Great sex never fails to get a man hooked and a woman who knows how to pleasure her partner can expect to receive the same treatment from him. Be open to trying new positions, and toys. Ask him what he wants and tell him what will make you happy. Don’t be shy in the bedroom. Let the sparks fly by teasing him, and ultimately, giving him the best sexual encounter every time.


Respect boy’s night’s out

Yes, you want your man to spend all his free time with you. That is understandable, but utterly impossible. If your guy is as great as you think he is, then expect him to have lots of friends that he also has to spend time with.

Don’t view them as a threat to your relationship because they are not. Instead, win them over your side by getting to know them. Don’t miss that chance to go out with them if your boyfriend invites you. And unless there’s an emergency where his presence is absolutely needed, never, ever try to get in-between their usual weekly boys night’s out. And no, accompanying you on a shopping spree is not an emergency.


Be there for him when he’s down

Unless you are dating Superman, chances are that your boyfriend will also need a shoulder to lean on once in a while. Men also have feelings, even mood swings, and your man may need you to prop him up when he is feeling lost and beaten. Even Superman has his kryptonite so don’t be surprised if the man you choose will have weaknesses too.

6 Books to Read If You Want to Be the Best Girlfriend

Books are great friends of the romantics, especially if you are in love and in search of inspiration. This list can further guide you on how to become the best girlfriend.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Love is such a powerful thing, and in the case of Noah, nothing can stand on its way. This book is a potent start to your reading list. It is both dreamy and inspiring at the same time. It’s the perfect reading material for someone with young love that is struggling to find its perfect release.


P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

This book tells how love conquers all – even death. It is a sweet reminder to us showing how to love selflessly.

It tells the story of Gerry and Holly who are so certain of their love that they have already planned their future together. The twist came when Gerry died. But his love for Holly did not stop with his death. Unknown to her, Gerry has pre-planned an incredible journey to give Holly a fresh start in life and in love.


Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

This book teaches us that romance and relationship can be more successful if it is founded on equal partnership between two persons. The story revolves around Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy. Elizabeth’s happy, yet boring life, was changed for the better when she meets and fall in love with Darchy. What follows is a journey of happiness where they constantly challenge each other to improve, and bring out the best in them.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

If you have seen the movie, it’s hard not to be moved by Katniss’ dedication and love for Peeta. The circumstances surrounding them make their love even more inspiring. What stands out the most is her willingness to sacrifice her life in exchange for his. Though it is not always good to die as a martyr, especially in love, we can learn a lot of things from their love affair on how to be the best girlfriend through self-less love and sacrifice.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Every once in a while we must be reminded to use our head instead of our hearts, of what not to do in a relationship. This book is rife with life’s lessons that stem from a woman’s desire to change herself, for better or worse. What Amy Dunne did resonates perfectly to woman everywhere who feels trapped in an unhappy relationship.


The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

The book is a great source of inspiration for women everywhere who are asking themselves how to be the best girlfriend. In the story, the answer is in the form of a couple showing how even the most challenging circumstances can be overcome if you and your partner will work as a team.


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