In this beautiful world there are lots of people. God allow us to choose people who make are life more beautiful. There are lots of relation like mother, father, cousin, uncle, aunt, brother and sister etc. But most precious relation is friendship, because we can choose friends. Generally we can start any relationship with friendship. Well If you want to be a best friend of guy so you are in right place.

How to Become Best Friends with a Guy


Focus on same intrest

Girls generally think you can attract a guy with a look and somehow it's true, but wait here. Only base of your appearance you can't be a best friend of guy. When you start friendship with guy first of all you how know about your common interest. Then involve in his personal life but don't make hurry. Step by step you have to come close to him. Beauty attracts to start relationship but your nature, attitude, humbleness, care and feelings can maintain your relation.


Do something special

Boys hangout with their male friends. As a girl you can do lots of special thing for him. Generally boy's doesn't celebrate their birthday but they real want that. So you can plan something for him which makes him feel special. Some little effort can make you his BF. Sometimes they can't share there feeling with male friends which he can share with you. Even boys also like a gift. So give him a meaningful gifts, encourage him for his passion.


Never pretend to be like GF

This is most complicated part when you are a guy's best friend. Sometimes you are very much attached with him so started feelings different for him. Beware on always keep in mind you are just his best friend not his girlfriend. Never cross your friendship limits. Always clear about your feelings. This can make your relation more strong.

  • Be yourself
  • Not to pretend like GF
  • Surprised him. Make feel special
  • Regular communicate with him

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