At the time of conceiving a baby, male fertility plays a vital role since a woman’s fertility is only a part of the equation. Male enhancement exercises refer to physical activities whose primary aim is to improve the male reproductive system for a better male sexual health. Male fertility, therefore, can be defined as the quantity and quality of a man’s sperms. To enable pregnancy man’s sperms should be viable, at the average sperm count level and also fertile. Reduced male fertility leads to infertility that is usually accompanied by symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, sexual desire changes, premature ejaculation and pain in the testicles due to swelling. Boosting a man’s fertility helps in improving the quality and quantity of the sperms. Before embarking on the boosting program, one should avoid smoking, alcohol, contracting STIs and avoid being both underweight and overweight. Several male enhancement exercises are recommended for boosting of fertility.

How to Boost Your Fertility with Male Enhancement Exercise?


Manual male enhancement exercises

Research on weight and fertility suggests that a relationship in which the man is overweight, and the woman is of normal weight, take a longer time to conceive unlike in couples with normal weight.  The reason to this is that being overweight has a negative effect on the sperm quality thus resulting in infertility. Before undertaking manual exercises, consider a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and it should be of low-fat quantity. Some of the exercises that boost fertility include jelq and spinning method. Male enhancement exercises cause cell division within the penis causing enlargement of the penis muscles. The blood vessels in the penis, therefore, become enlarged leading to a supply of blood to all penile chambers. The presence of more muscles and increased number of blood vessels causes an increase in sperm counts thus increasing their ability to swim as well as ensuring no damage to the genetic content of the sperm.

Regular manual male enhancement also exercises boost fertility by enabling men to hold an erection and have climax control thus avoiding reaching an organism, one of the mistakes men make in bed. The final advantage of manual exercises is that they reduce the accumulation of fat in the body as too much fat causes changes in testosterone and other reproductive hormone levels in the male reproductive system.  Always take enough water after extreme exercises.  It is important to avoid excessive amounts of exercises as it might lower sperm count in men.


Kegel exercises

Studies have identified kegel exercises as one of the natural ways of promoting male sexual health especially regarding boosting fertility. Before you embark on these exercises, consider tips such as a healthy diet pattern, measuring your penis size and you should also be relaxed. This type of exercises helps strengthen the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle thus enabling prolonged erections. Prolonged erections control semen flow hence retaining more of the sperms. Improved retaining of the sperms helps boost fertility due to the availability of a vast number of sperms. For efficiency always ensure a proper diet before engaging in kegel exercises.


The Spinning method

This method can be classified as a type of male enhancement exercises that involves manual exercises work. It is a variation of the stretching method. It involves gripping the head of the penis while stretching it away from the body. The method makes the penis be stressed into different angles since there is twirling of the sexual organs in a circular motion. The spinning method acts as a fertility booster because it lengthens and increases the girth of the penis. Penis lengthening leads to an increase in the number of muscles and the addition of more penile chambers. The penis is, therefore, able to erect for a long period, and there is a formation of more blood vessels that connect the testes and the penis. As a result, there is the production of more sperms hence enhancing male sexual health.


Manual stretches

 Manual stretches refer to pulling the penis away from the body while holding it in an outstretched position for a few seconds. Stretching the penis boosts fertility in that it enables the growth of the penis; the penis can erect for a long period hence avoiding disappointment during sexual activities. Additionally, stretching of the penis cause the tissues and muscles to get stressed leading to cell division This type of male enhancement exercises also helps in flexing of the muscles at the base of the penis thus holding tension during a stretch.

Finally, this kind of stretches pulls the ligaments on the pubic bone thus allowing the inner penis to be exposed. Exposure of the inner penis helps in regulation of the temperature of the scrotum and the whole of the outer male reproductive organs. Control of temperature increases sperm count and the quality of sperms promoting male sexual health as the availability of viable sperms boosts fertility. It is also recommended that one wears loose boxers instead of briefs to regulate the temperature of the scrotum.



The above male enhancement exercises helps to boost male fertility through reduction of male infertility causes such as poor sperm motility, malnutrition, infectious diseases such as epididymis, testicles inadequate production of sperm and dilated veins in the scrotum. Moreover, various ways can help compliment boosting of fertility with male enhancement exercises.  These ways include reducing exposure to chemicals, improving one's diet, frequent standard exercises, use of herbs to help boost fertility and ensuring the intake of nutritional supplements such as zinc and vitamin C. Therefore, it is advisable always to ensure that you keep the above exercises in practice for a better male sexual health.

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