There are indeed people enjoying their once-in-a-lifetime relationships, from the high school prom and till death does them apart. For others, it’s a never-ending voyage through failed romances and broken hearts, and it’s perfectly fine – one day you are bound to meet Him. Until then, learning how to break up with your boyfriend is the skill you may need more than once.

How to Break Up with Your Boyfriend: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you have finally decided to part ways, prepare yourself for sharing the news with your soon-to-be ex with this easy step-by-step guide.

Make sure it’s no mistake

Being lonely sucks, but there’s nothing worse than realizing a week later after your break-up that you actually want him back. In order to avoid such embarrassment, it’s better to think twice. Probably, it’s just your hormones or bad mood. If you don’t change your mind even after spending some time apart and giving each other a bit more freedom, this is it – go ahead and declare it’s over.


Give him hints

It’s likely something doesn’t click in your relationship, and he may have noticed it too. If he seems to be happily ignorant that your ship started to sink, let him know by changing your attitude, refusing to spend time together, stopping to share with him your thoughts and not hiding your irritation. It will give him an idea that something is wrong. There is even a chance that he will start contemplating the break-up himself!


Make it ‘his’ decision

If you’re curious about how to break up with your boyfriend without hurting his feelings, reloading all the responsibility onto his shoulders would be quite a clever step. Instead of showing him your darkest side and blaming him for ruining your life, make him think your break-up is something you can’t avoid because of you! Be nasty but stay within limits – just enough for him to want to get rid of you and return to his wonderful, peaceful life.


Choose the right place and time

You must respect him greatly if you choose to do it in person. This is a brave thing to do, but you should be prepared to face all his arguments and emotions. You may want to meet up in public to avoid a heated scene. Also, being in a public place means he won’t be able to break your will by kisses and intimate touches, which is always the best way to remind you that you were happy together once.

If you can’t stand even a sight of him and your feelings have irrevocably faded, why bother seeing him again if you can text or call? In this way, you will be able to stay as detached as possible without having to deal with his reactions. Just make sure that he won’t be knocking at your door an hour later, drunk and with a bunch of flowers.


Pick the correct words

Even if you can’t bear him anymore, there must be some reasons for your still staying together, so please respect him and try not to humiliate him. Instead of pouring all the irritation and disappointments at him all in one go, it’s always better and less painful for him if you just tell him your point of view in a gentle and moderate voice. Sticking to point 3 of this guide, turn it all around and confess you may not be the right partner for him. Leave him with a bittersweet feel of a beautiful romance ending, not the one of a crazy bitch raging over her complexes.


Say good-bye, not farewell

When thinking about how to break up with your boyfriend, don’t forget to decide if you want to have him in your life as a friend or a distant contact. You definitely share something very intimate, and losing him altogether may be quite sad.

7 Signs That It’s Time to Break Up

Reading this article alone is a pretty good sign you’re ready to call it quits, but googling about how to break up with your boyfriend can also mean you’re not entirely sure. Let’s then take a look at these vivid signs that it is truly time to let go.

You avoid him using any excuse

Anytime he asks to see you, you come up with any possible excuse to avoid him when in fact you prefer the company of your friends, a hot aromatic bath, or favorite books much more than hanging out with this irritating bore.


You have no interest in being part of his life

You’re no longer interested in listening to him going on and on about everything that’s happening to him, be it a problem or an achievement, let alone taking any actions to share it with him.


The idea of having sex is more annoying than tempting

You genuinely wonder what has brought you together, and where that spark has gone. The thought of going to bed together is your biggest nightmare, and most of the time you’re just acting without any real passion. Then again, if sex is the only good thing left, it’s probably not the affair of your life.


You are both trapped with no future prospects

You may have been stuck in this ‘love him or leave him’ dilemma for too long now. If you feel you are both just going through the motions with no plans for the future and no spark to break this disappointing routine, don’t force yourself.


You freak out over everything

Only a few weeks ago you were ready to put up with much more in his personality, but now you are raging about the pettiest things and don’t bother to hide your irritation. Is it what you want to spend any more time doing?


Your on-off rounds have gone too far

Your relationship has already a track record of break-ups, but you keep coming back. Believe me, after a few times no one would believe you do mean it. So do yourself a favor and understand that you both might be doing it out of convenience, not love.


You’re together only because you are afraid to be alone

Asking yourself how to break up with your boyfriend may be your reluctant search for plan B, when in fact you are scared of loneliness. Think of it as a new start in your life – dust off your prettiest dress, start learning a new foreign language and breathe deep. Life is wonderful, and it goes on.


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