So he walks in and you suddenly feel your body temperature rising. You’d like to come closer and talk to him but your knees don’t support you well. If you start talking you’ll certainly say something stupid and you’ll stutter. If this situation feels familiar, you should know that you’re not the only one who feels that way. If he likes you, he certainly has the same emotions. So go ahead and give him a little help.

5 Proven Tips on How to Chat with Your Crush

You’re not sure about how to chat with your crush? It’s important to build your confidence since it makes you more attractive. To do that, you need to pay attention to how you look. How to chat with your crush is a fine art that requires preparation, practice and refusing to give in to shyness or stage fright.

Be always careful to look nice and keep a bright smile on your face

Shower, apply some perfume, brush your hair, put a little make up on, do all those things you know to make you more attractive. They will increase your confidence level and make you feel more relaxed. Always maintain a good posture! Maintaining your back straight with your shoulders up will make you look slimmer and taller. At the same time, it will empower you and make you feel more in control. Don’t overdo it though, you don’t want to seem fussy or cold.


Non-verbal language is important as well

Do not keep your arms crossed even if you feel like the urge to do it. Keep your arms down, near your body as this will make you seem open and help you keep your shoulders straight.


Smile, smile, smile!

This will let him know you enjoy his presence and you’re happy to see him. Nothing’s more encouraging than a big smile. Be sweet and a little flirtatious to make him feel comfortable in your presence. Try to catch his eyes and maintain eye contact while talking to him. You shouldn’t exaggerate though, because you don’t want to make him think that you’re staring at him. When you talk to him, try to gauge his reaction to you. You don’t want to talk to a guy who is not interested in you and embarrass yourself this way. If his face lights up when he sees you, it definitely means that he’s interested.


Use your eyes to communicate with him

Slightly raise your eyebrows when you see him and smile as if you just had a pleasant surprise (which you did). At the same time, pay attention to where he is looking and whether he seems to be interested in what you say. If he doesn’t, don’t insist to capture his attention, maybe he is tired or stressed.


Approach at the Right Time

The best chance to approach him is when there aren’t many people around. This will guarantee you have his full attention. Don’t be shy, if you know him it’s actually impolite not to say hi when you see him. Smile and ask him how his day is going. Don’t be afraid to be friendly and compliment him. You don’t need to say much, but you could notice his nice shirt.

6 Tips to Keep the Conversation Going

How to chat with your crush so as to make yourself a pleasant presence is an important skill to master, but what you actually say during the conversation is even more important. A few conversation topics what you need to give you an idea about how to chat with your crush next time you see him. You don’t want to sound boring or embarrass yourself when you don’t know what to say to him. So here are our tips on this.

Ask Personal Questions

In general you should keep the conversation funny and light, so compliment him, ask him about his interests, and flirt a little. It’s okay to ask personal questions which you want to know the answers to. People like to talk about themselves. Ask him how his day is going or what courses does he need to attend today.


Explore Common Interests

Ask which are his favorite and least favorite subjects in school and identify those which of them you both like or dislike. If he says he doesn’t like math, jump right in and say how much you hate it too. If he enjoys astronomy, ask him to tell you a little about the stars and share a few of the most fascinating facts with you. Maybe he will invite you to his place for some star watching with his new telescope.


Talk about the Weather

Bring the discussion about the weather in such a way that it brings you a casual date. If it’s hot, complain about it and tell him how much you’d love an ice-cream right now. If it’s cold, you know what to do! Complain you’re freezing and you could really use some hot chocolate to warm up.


Compliment Him

Always keep the conversation light and funny. Guys love girls with a good sense of humor. Compliment him in a funny way. You could say something like “Wow, what’s with the nice shirt? Did you buy it or are they just paying you to model for them?”


Use Texting

You could text him a funny compliment during class. If he’s wearing a blue t-shirt which you like, just write “Oh yeah, blue is definitely your color”. This will guarantee you get a smile from across the room. You could tell a nice joke you heard recently or tell a funny story of something that happened to you this week. An embarrassing story from your life can make the perfect situation where you can both have a good laugh at something. Sharing experiences can create a strong bond between you two.


Adapt to Him

If he’s a bit shy and introverted, help him by talking a bit more than he does in the beginning: not about yourself, but about something interesting. It can be something that you saw on TV, or something that’s happening in school. Avoid gossiping though because it can make a bad impression. If he’s extroverted and likes to talk, then be a good listener. You want to know a lot of things about him anyway.


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