Are you wondering how to cheer up your girlfriend? You’re not alone. What works to make one person feel better might not work at all with the next person. Learning how to cheer a girl up doesn’t come easily, but you can run through a list of options that might put a smile back on her pretty face. Here’s how to cheer your girlfriend up – try them all!

12 Effective Ways to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Of all the things you can do for your girl, learning how to help her is the best of all. Learning how to cheer your girlfriend up when she is feeling down isn’t nearly as difficult as it might seem. Here are some great ideas.

Listen to Her

This means being quiet and listening to what she has to say. She might just want to vent and talk about things that are bothering her. Sometimes you might be tempted to offer a way to fix things – don’t! That might make things worse.


Give Her a Hug

Sometimes, the answer to the question "how to cheer up your girlfriend" can be as simple as just a strong, good hug that makes her feel warm and loved. In fact, scientists have proven that a hug can enhance someone’s mood. Why not give it a shot?


Share a Walk

Physical exercise is a great way to work out stress and take your mind off things. Walk around the neighborhood, take a hike through the woods, or just hold her hand while you walk through the store.


Distract Her

Thinking about things can make them seem so much worse than they really are. Learn how to cheer a girl up by learning how to make her think about other things. The more she focuses on something else, the better she will feel when she does go back to thinking about the problem that has been bothering her.


Send Her a Message

If you can’t be with her, make sure she knows that your mind and heart are there. Send her a message through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, or text. Anything will be ok – just let her know you are there for her. Click the link here to help give you more ideas on how to write a great message to cheer her up.

You could also send her a song or two to make her feel your love to her. Here’s one that might make her smile.


Make a Meal

Sometimes, how to cheer up your girlfriend is as easy as giving her a favorite food. A romantic meal that hits all the right taste buds will make her smile, and a bottle of wine along with dinner can help her relax. Be sure to talk about pleasant things.


Buy Some Little Gift

Who doesn’t love a “thinking of you” gift? Beautiful flowers, some nice chocolates, or even jewelry might work to make her smile. You can even go further than this with creative gifts, such as a framed photo of the two of you together or even a simple card telling her how much she means to you.


Take Her Shopping

Most women love to go shopping, so why not treat her? When you go out to the store, hold her hand while you are walking around. Give her the occasional hug. Talk about pleasant things. The exercise will be good for her, too.


Just Dance

Hard, pounding music might get her body moving and make her feel like she’s on top of the world. Dress up and go out to the dance floor, where you can both bust a move. Make sure she stays there and enjoys herself until she is too tired to think about those things that are bringing her down.


Try Something Funny

Laughter can solve many problems, at least temporarily. It can make her feel better about the world around her and herself. Crack jokes about something that you know she will like, and if you’re a little uncertain, this video below may give you some ideas:


Plan a Date Night

Now is the time to break out the big guns, romantically speaking. Plan out something that she will truly enjoy, such as having a midnight picnic, renting a few movies and ordering in pizza, or going somewhere new and exotic. The change of atmosphere might do her a world of good.


Stay Happy and Be Patient

Right now, she needs you to be as "up" as you can be. Learning how to cheer up your girlfriend might also mean learning to be very patient. She might need time to get over whatever it is that bothers her. Give her that space and time, and in the meantime, be positive about the good things that are coming along for both of you.


Do you have some great ideas on how to cheer up your girlfriend? Why not share those ideas with others? Check out this video to help get you started:


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