Somehow it’s both a sad and a happy story – not every girl out there can brag about attracting two guys at the same time, but in the end you will definitely have to break someone’s heart. In this ambiguous story, there are always two winners and one loser, but to arrive at the right decision is not an easy task. This is our collection of tips on how to choose between two guys that covers every single point you should take into account before announcing the big news to either of them.

15 Helpful Ways to Choose Between Two Guys


Bad Guy, Good Guy

One of the most efficient ways is to create a good old list of positive and negative things about both of them. Give a thought about their appearances, tastes, behaviors and other criteria that you regard as important. Then, weigh the results and come up with an overall winner but remember that there are many more factors to consider. Still, it’s a good starting point.



Every time either of them is around, watch for the signs of compatibility with your character, temperament, worldviews, tastes in music, love of pets, etc. The guys you fancy can’t be the same, and so is your compatibility. If you notice that you don’t really click together or you can’t get rid of a strange feeling that you don’t belong together no matter how hard you try, probably it means that you should look the other way.



Once you set out to make a choice, follow carefully your conversations as you speak of friends, families – and exes! To come up with the right answer to your question of how to choose between two guys, you should make sure that the guy of liking is the right partner for a long-term relationship. If he had nothing like that in the past, or can’t boast any lifetime friends, watch out for a possible disappointment.


Hopeless Characters

Nothing betrays a hopeless character better than bad habits (to the point of abuse, which is especially true for alcohol and drugs), extreme views (on religion, race, sex and politics) and chauvinism (treating you like a toy for pleasing, cooking and raising kids). Any of these tell-tale signs, and you’d better stay away from him.


Social Prowess

Wherever you are together, you would surely want to be proud of your man’s socializing talents. If you feel completely at ease next to him in public, among your friends or even in some odd situations, it’s likely that making him your boyfriend will be your better choice so far.


Plans for the Future

It’s fine if you both like seizing the moment and live as if tomorrow never comes. However, if you have slightly different views on a proper attitude to life and expect your partner to have a clear and realistic vision of his future – including his desirable job, place of living and family, ask both guys directly or start the conversation as if randomly to see if you can tick this box for each of them.



Does your ideal boyfriend have to dream big and move on to make these dreams come true? I bet he does, and I know that ambitious high-flyers (if only they stay true to themselves) are really hot, so why not go for someone like that? Compare the two guys to see whose ambitions are more daring and make your choice!


Signs of Jealousy

This is a two-way method. First, you should make sure that the guy of your choice doesn’t show any signs of deviant jealousy – if he does, this will be getting worse and worse as the time passes, so watch out. Second, listen to your heart when you’re with one of them, and if you feel as if you’re cheating on the other one, you are likely to be committed more to the second guy.


Your Liberty

You are young, you love freedom, and no one has the right to restrict it. If being with either of the guys means putting more weird obligations on yourself and being treated like his possession, then keep away and don’t compromise on your liberty. Hopefully, the other guy will be on the same page with you and have more respect for your individuality.


Power of Imagination

This method on how to choose between two guys requires a bit of fantasizing. Pick each of the guys and imagine you’re going to travel together next month, then marry, and then have children together. How do you feel for each of them? Do your feelings differ? Who brings more joy when you think of your future?


Crush Test

This is a bit cruel, but there’s no better way to test your crush’s resistance to any storms in your life. Put them to the test with your crazy behavior, hysterics, sudden changes of mood or sarcasm to watch and compare their reactions. The one who passes the test is likely to be a much better option.


Little Deceits

Do you feel bad when lying to any of the two guys? Try to notice your feelings even if you do this on purpose, and your reaction will show whom you treat more seriously.


Heart Throbs

Looking at different ways to choose between two guys, we shouldn’t overlook… love. Surely, falling in love with one of the two makes the choice a whole lot easier, but for this you should listen to your heart really carefully and stay realistic about how you feel. Otherwise it’s easy to take a desire for real, deep and heart-felt love.


Soul Mates

You can’t always stay reasonable when deciding on how to choose between two guys. If you feel like you found a soul mate in one of them but he fails to meet some “selection criteria”, don’t hesitate to go for him. All we have to say is to wish you luck in your incredible adventure.


Your Inner Voice

When no other options are left, listen to your intuition and use all the power of your gut feeling to decide who will be a better partner for a girl like you.


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