Dating is hard. Despite the fact that it was created to make your life simpler, online dating is harder. There are a million sites to try, and thousands of matches on each one. Where do you even start? Here are some tips.

Part 1


Try eHarmony if ...

You’re the epitome of type A. You are very organized, and always do your research before making a decision. Everything in your life as a purpose and a place, so you’ll love the incredibly detailed eHarmony questions and appreciate the fact that the brains behind the company put 35 years of research into creating their Compatibility Matching System — because that’s exactly how you would do it.


Try Coffee Meets Bagel if ...

You’re overwhelmed by dating. You don’t have the energy to read hundreds of profiles every day, and don’t have the patience to respond to too many messages at once. You can’t focus on too many things at once, so you’ll love the fact that the site sends you one match every 24 hours and that’s it. At noon, you’ll get your match, decide if you want to go out, or move on. It’s straightforward and simple, just like you need.


Try Plenty of Fish if ...

You’re always on the go. You are a busy bee, and don’t have time to look for potential matches in your day-to-day life. You’ll want to try the MeetMe feature, which is basically speed dating and suggests singles in your area that share your interests quickly. You can cut your time looking for love in half, because the site is fairly simple and doesn’t require too many questions.


Try How About We if ...

You value experiences. You’re the kind of person who will jump at the chance to try anything, and never have to be convinced to go on an adventure. You don’t need to sit around and have lengthy conversations, so you’ll love the fact that you can suggest a date idea, and have potential dates find you if they want to join. You can focus on getting out there and not spend too much time waiting, which is your least favorite thing in the world.


Try OkCupid if ...

You’re looking for love on a budget. You are serious and mature, but you might not have a lot of extra cash to spend looking for a mate. You’ll like that OkCupid is owned by Match, so it takes your love life seriously, but it is totally free. You still get the matching algorithm that requires you to answer a ton of questions, but won’t have to pay for it.


Try Bumble if ...

You’re a feminist. You’re tired of the misogynistic guys attacking you every time you open a dating app. You run away when you hear bad pickup lines, and you want to be able to pay for your own half of a date without feeling guilty. You’ll love the fact that Bumble only lets women send the first message, so you’ll never have to open a rude message. And if you don’t respond to a match within 24 hours, they disappear forever.


Try Match if ...

You like to try a little of everything. You don’t make choices based on what other people think; in fact, you don’t like to take advice at all. This may make you a little indecisive, but it’s because you want to try everything all at once. You will like Match because of the incredibly wide pool to choose from — there are nearly 1.8 million subscribers — and the fact that you make all the decisions.


Try Zoosk if ...

You already know the kind of match you’re looking for. All of your exes likely look the same, and that’s because you have one type and you never want to stray from it. You know what you’re looking for; you just haven’t found it yet. You’ll love the fact that their Behavioral Matchmaking engine learns what you like or dislike as you click, so you’re more likely to see people you’re attracted to the more you use it.


Try Tinder if ...

You always follow the crowd. You try things just because they are popular. You really like sex, but don’t care much for serious relationships. The number one quality you’re looking for in a date is looks. You’ll like that you can spend hours a day looking at pictures of your potential dates, and see exactly how far away from you they are (ie. how long it would take you to get to their bedroom).


Try Professional Match if ...

You are very trusting. You put your faith in others because you always see the best in them. You know you could find love yourself, but you think someone else might do it better. You want the reliability of a professional matchmaker, so you’ll love the fact that there’s always someone looking out for you on your journey to find love on this site.


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