Knowing how to cuddle is quite the feather in your hat, especially if you’re a guy. I mean sure, sex is great and all that… but what it all really boils down to is not whether she orgasms, but how good you make her feel. And giving her an orgasm isn’t the only way to make a woman feel special, you know. If you suck at sex or simply want to up your game, then you need to cuddle her whenever necessary to make her feel warm inside.

Why Cuddle Is So Important?

If you’re still in two minds about improving your cuddle game, perhaps the following points might change your mind:

  • Relieve anxiety and stress: Hard to believe, but true. Studies have shown that stretching, squeezing and massaging the body easily helps get rid of stress and anxiety, similar to having a professional body massage. The dopamine released also uplifts your mood by triggering the pleasure center in your brain.

  • Boost immune system: If you can incorporate Swedish massages in your cuddling, then not only will you be making your partner emotionally happy, but you will be helping in making her healthy as well!

  • Lower blood pressure: The human touch and that too from someone you like can considerably lower your BP. Holding hands and kissing each other have the same effect!

  • Help relieve pain: Cuddling can prove to be therapeutic. When you cuddle, oxytocin is released which help to decrease your pain levels. It's just like rub to relieve pain. Don’t believe me? Just try it out!

  • Help deepen your relationship. When talking and whispering to each other's ears, you get to know more about your partner and get even closer to each other physically and emotionally.

  • Lead to more. When cuddling, you are so close to each other. You will have great mood, you can kiss each other whenever and wherever you want, and you can easily turn each other on to enjoy a hot night.

How to Cuddle to Make Things Sweet

Mentioned below are some popular and unique cuddling techniques that describe how you can cuddle with your partner and improve things in the bedroom exponentially!

The honeymoon hug

When you are in the honeymoon stage, you can’t keep your hands off your partner, right? Everything has to be super intimate and this cuddle is just perfect for such couples. You will be facing each other, lying on your sides and you will pretty much entwine your bodies with each other’s bodies. You will wrap your hands around each other’s necks, entwine your legs and pretty much leave no breathing room between you two. Getting the picture?


The “sweetheart cradle”

This is one of the most common cuddles you get to see in movies and on TV, and for good reasons. This position is often used when you need to be loved. Considered a nurturing position, this form of cuddling fosters feelings of comfort and trust in your partner.


Big spoon

When you’re the big spoon, don’t forget to give your partner some space. I mean sure, you want to get close to her but make sure you aren’t making her uncomfortable by encroaching her personal space. If you’re confused, go ahead and ask. Remember: communication is important in any relationship. She’s not gonna think ill of you; on the contrary, it’ll make her happy that you’re putting her needs before yours and working so hard on learning how to cuddle!


Leg hug cuddle

If you’re tired but want to cuddle when sleeping, this is the perfect position for you. All that you have to do is face the same side when sleeping, and then gently place one of your legs on your partner’s legs. And that’s it! Nobody’s sleep is disturbed but intimacy is still maintained.


The arm draping cuddle

This one is best suited if you’re in your honeymoon phase, are feeling extra lovey-dovey or simply want to stare in each other’s eyes and whisper sweet things in each other’s ears, because this is exactly what this cuddling position allows you to do. You lie on your sides, facing each other, and drape your arms around each other’s necks. Obviously, this position is not recommended if you’re trying to sleep.


The butt pillow cuddle

This one’s best advised for those who have been in a relationship for a long time and are comfortable with each other. It sounds exactly like what it is – you use your partner’s butt as your pillow. If you’re uncomfortable, you can put a pillow on their butt and rest your head on it. Such cuddling is best left for when both the partners are either talking or doing different complimentary activities, like one is reading a book and the other is watching TV.


The lap pillow hug

It’s the same as the butt pillow cuddle, except here you place a pillow and your head on your partner’s stomach. It’s a very cute and relaxed form of cuddle that allows you to talk to each other without getting into each other’s personal space. One or even both the partners can binge watch shows on Netflix in this position. In order to do so, if you’re the one putting your head on their lap, just make sure you lie down sideways. That will allow you to get a good view of the TV.


Little spoon

When it comes to knowing how to cuddle, know that being the little spoon doesn’t automatically mean you just lie there. You can still do cute things. For starters, you can grab your partner’s arms and place them wherever you want them – on your waist, hips or even wrapped around your chest. Or just interlock your fingers with theirs and tilt your head back every now and then to steal a kiss when they’re least expecting it.


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