Sociopaths are individuals who lack the natural empathy found in the rest of us. Sociopaths have the ability to imitate feelings of affection quite well. If you are looking for tips on how to deal with a sociopath in any kind of relationship, below are some tips for you to follow.

Top 10 Things You Should Never Forget on How to Deal With a Sociopath


Understand the character traits of a sociopath

Who gets hurt or used is not the problem of the sociopath. Additionally, sociopaths have no second thoughts or scruples about taking advantage of your goodwill, generosity and kindness unduly. They do not have the capacity to understand how others feel and do not realize that they can hurt others with their selfish actions.


Consider avoiding the person completely

Dealing with sociopaths is not easy, so it might be best to cut the person away from your life completely. It is not likely that your relationship with the person will improve anytime soon. If you think your partner might be a sociopath, or you have a friend you suspect to be a sociopath, breaking off the relationship may be the best decision to take.

This is most applicable if your personality is empathetic and sensitive. Sociopaths like preying on people with this type of personality, so make sure you get out while it is possible.

It can also be quite impossible to break things off in certain cases. The sociopath may be your boss in the office, or worse still, your child, sibling or parent. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to learn how to handle issues when in the company of the person.


Don't try to change them or give them another chance to do things right

Sociopath has no known treatment. Treating the condition often leave them worse than they were before the treatment. The therapy section simply teaches them more about how people behave and they use this as weapons to their advantage later.

A person with no conscience has no conscience. It is as simple as that. They won't change no matter what you do. In fact, their big egos, sense of entitlement and arrogance makes them think they are superior to everyone else, and therefore see no reason to change.

And besides, trying to change them means you are still keeping in touch with them.


Don't believe whatever they say easily

Don't forget how good these sociopaths are at pushing other people's buttons to get them where they want them. If you keep this at the back of your mind always, it won't be easy for you to fall for their tricks. No matter what the person has to say, make sure you remain calm and casual.

For instance, your morning may be going just fine in the office before your sociopath colleague suddenly walks in to tell you the MD is not happy with the latest report you submitted. You don't have to believe whatever the sociopath tells you without first confirming it represents the MD's real position on the issue.


Restrict the number of details you give them about

You must bear in mind that whatever information you give them will be used against you. This is because you are dealing with a sociopath. This shows you are dealing with a born manipulator and it is normal for you to expect that whatever personal information you give the person will someday be used to manipulate feelings, heap all the blame on you for whatever is happening and try to use it to keep the relationship working.

If you must communicate with the person, avoid lengthy talks and keep it factual. Do not chirp in your personal thoughts and opinions. Just communicate the same way you would if what you say will be read to a court room filled with people.


Avoid offering anything to a sociopath

Sociopaths want to use you and everyone or thing around them such as your friends and connections. So one easy way to get a sociopath out of your life fast is to avoid offering him anything.


Keep your money safe

A sociopath will try to steal from you or cheat you as often as possible. Make sure you keep money where he/she can't find it or do not reveal the existence of such money. Sociopath will search for your bank statement to know how much you are worth. Since these sociopaths have criminal minds, always be mindful of their heartless tactics.

Try to create the impression that you are bankrupt. This is an offensive way to get rid of them. It is also effective to create the impression that neither your family nor your circle of friends has any money. This will also remove your family and friends from the list of people the sociopath would want to hook up with for selfish reasons.


Avoid having any kind of discussion with a sociopath

Never discuss vital issues like your family, friends, finances, business, aspirations, dreams and goals with your sociopath friend. Keep them busy with topics on neutral grounds. But, try to get away from them as fast as your legs could carry you.


Don't talk about things that make you feel happy or upset

Once the sociopath knows the things that make you happy and the ones that get you easily upset, the information can be used against you later.

Don't complain because doing so will enable them to understand how best to get you easily hurt, annoyed, or bothered. And once they have this information at their disposal, they use it to terrorize you easily.

Don't let your sociopath friend know when you are hurt. They are likely to do that which get you hurt over and over again to hurt you more.


Get professional help

This is one effective tip for how to deal with a sociopath, but is often overlooked by so many people when dealing with narcissists and sociopaths. Once you gain a full understanding of the tactics and motivation of the sociopath and the mechanisms of mind control, every other step becomes simplified.

A specialist therapist in this field will help you understand the steps the sociopath takes to control and manipulate you. This is important for a number of reasons. First, it shows you can see the relationship for what it really is: a completely false relationship created by the sociopath to manipulate you. Second, the sociopath loses control over you. He loses the ability to manipulate you like he used to and the effect of his/her tricks becomes much minimized.

This is very vital because every sociopath wants to dominate and be in control. Once they discover they make more efforts in their attempts to control you than you make to keep them away, they easily get fed up and break off to search for much easier preys.


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