What in the world is the G spot? That’s what many people were asking in the 1950’s, when a German gynecologist discovered it. His discovery was of a mysterious area on the upper side of the vaginal wall. When it was touched with the right pressure, it could lead to pleasure, orgasm and possibly even female ejaculation. Soon how to find the G spot was all the rage and today there are countless books and forums dedicated to the pursuit.

What Is the G Spot?

The G spot is a very sensitive area in the woman’s vagina, a little less than halfway up the front wall. Since it feels a bit “spongy” to the touch, it is sometimes called the urethral sponge. Stimulating that area can result in a great deal of pleasure or very powerful orgasms. It works for some women, but for others, the G spot doesn’t seem to do much in the way of pleasure. Learning how to find the G spot is the only way to know for sure.

How to Find the G Spot

Finding the G spot can be tough at first, mostly because of the strange sensations it can bring about. Some women feel as though it is very uncomfortable at first, or they might even feel the urge to urinate. That’s when most people stop trying to find it. However, ignoring those feelings and continuing with the stimulation can be all it takes to learn how to find G spot.

The best way to do this is to lie on your back with a partner to help you. The partner will insert his or her fingers, palm up, into the vaginal canal. A ‘beckoning’ motion, with the finger shaped like a hook, can help find the right spot. It should be one or two inches inside the vaginal canal. It will feel a bit spongy and a little different from the other skin around that area.

Being aroused and well lubricated will definitely help. If your partner is in the right spot, you might immediately feel the urge to urinate. However, you won’t – it’s just a feeling that will go away soon if you continue what you are doing.

If you can continue the stimulation, you might suddenly begin to feel intense pleasure. Remember that learning how to find G spot is not easy, and might take several tries before you and your partner actually find it.

Tips to Achieve G-Spot Orgasm

Need some help? Here are a few ways to make it easier to find the G spot.

Man-from-Behind Position

Sometimes you can find the G spot through intercourse, with a man behind you and you on your knees. He must be at an angle where his penis will push against the front wall of your vaginal canal. You can try different variations of this position because sometimes the first attempt (or second or third) might not work.


Woman-on-Top Position

When you are on top, you can better control the positioning and might be able to direct the stimulation to right where you need it. This can allow you to keep penetration shallow, so you can better figure out where the right spot is.


Oral Stimulation

When someone is giving you oral sex, inserting one or two fingers into the vagina might be just the right angle for the proper G spot stimulation.

What If I Fail to Find the G Spot?

Learning how to find G spot is a process that might take a great deal of time. Remember that every woman’s body is different; some women might find it immediately, but others might not find it for years. Once you do find it, don’t be surprised if you have an explosive orgasm – or none at all. Some women don’t react with pleasure to the G spot stimulation.

Remember that up to 75 percent of women don’t orgasm through vaginal stimulation or intercourse, which means that the vast majority of women might not be “wired” or “built” for the stimulation of the G spot. It’s definitely still worth a try to find it because you might be pleasantly surprised! But if you don’t find the G spot, there is nothing “wrong” with you or your partner. It might just mean that you are not one of those women who can get pleasure from the G spot.

Finally, remember that the more emphasis you place on the G spot, the tenser you can become, making it much less likely for you to enjoy the sexual fun. Relax and enjoy yourself. The journey and exploration are worth more than the prize.


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