Are you at that age where emotionally investing in someone often means gambling whether they had tied the knot? Maybe you had fallen in love with someone too good to not still be married or even in a relationship? While you can just ask for the answer directly, you can always do your own investigations or even detective skills to learn the truth! How to find out if someone is married? Here are some great tips to find out!

How to Find Out If Someone Is Married: 5 Effective Methods You Can Try


Ask Directly

Simply go ahead and ask that person. Be bold and straight up ask them. It is the most effective and easiest way to instantly learn their current relationship status unless they are trying to hide it for whatever reason.

Maybe start with a small talk, then ask: “are you married?” or something along the line of his or her current relationship. Make sure the tone is not in any way accusatory, you are asking out of your curiosity.

While this is not “direct”, you can question them if they are not telling you about something. Watch his or her reaction, what he or she comes up as a reason. Could the person be lying maybe? Watch for the signs, such as eyes aversion, sweating, suddenly becoming defensive, shifting uncomfortably or even closing their feet.


Check Social Media Sites

There is always the good old social media “stalking” for the initiated. The best place to learn a person is to see how they are on the web. All you need is a name to start. Look up Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Facebook lists the relationship status if the person bothers to update or ignore the privacy settings. Pictures tell a thousand words and all these sites allow pictures posting. Find ones that show the person being romantic with another. If the photo is pretty recent, then you should probably change your flight plan.


Use Search Engine

Google the name of the person in this way: “[full name]”. You will get lots of hits relevant to the person you are looking to sleuth for. Tons of interesting information you are going to find, such as images of the person’s party with a love interest or even a love blog. If you have a little too much time on your hand or really desperate, a short search on the public records and try to find information such as joint home ownership.


Watch signs

  • Pay more attention to the person’s socializing habits. If they are single, they have the luxury of going on a drink or two after work or dinner meetings on a whim. Married people, especially ones with children, do not have the same independence. While they do still occasionally hang out with their friends, they still have an actual responsibility in their own households and a spouse to bring along.

  • The wedding ring is the obvious sign of marriage. Left ring finger is where it’s at. Check for indentations or lines. Any signs could have shown that the ring might have been recently removed. Some married people actually remove their ring to hook up with others while their partner is away. But the lines might also mean a recently separated or divorced couple, so thread carefully.

  • Listen to the way they talk. Collect few clues from what they say. How much of their life have they revealed so far? Did they mention about whoever might be their spouse? Pay attention to how they might spend the free time. The singles often have a more colorful life than people stuck with a spouse or a family at home. Easiest is questioned about their activity on weekends. Went to a bar, concert, went out with friends maybe? Or just doing chores, a day trip to the zoo or dinner parties with spouse’s married friends? Knowing these details will impart you with vital clues.

  • Notice if they had some sort sort of, generally around 10 p.m. This should be a red flag for most married people, a limited time to see you at night. If they are seriously putting effort into dating or growing relationship, they probably have the willingness to extend your meetings past 10 p.m. Going back earlier on especially on weekday nights is another sign. Although, do not assume a person’s marital status based on this alone, they might need to rush back to take care of relatives or pets back home.

  • How much information is the person hiding from you? Maybe you had known the person for the past few months, but there was any mention of the person’s families or friends? Do you ever meet any of his or her family or friends? What does the person do while away from you? It could be that the person is just hesitant to introduce them to you because of anxiety. However, if you had a budding serious relationship, you should have met at least one of them. If not, then the person is probably married, hiding something or just aren’t that serious from the beginning.


Use Services with High Payment

This is the final way for how to find out if someone is married: Use special services. For a small fee of $10 to $40 (vary based on company and information), you can view a person’s divorce records. While you can search to find out if the person is divorced, the details are only revealed once you paid. You can use the following sites to search this information:

  • Govt registry: State, country and federal records, millions of them searched instantaneously. You would need the person’s full name, the country and state in which the marriage is held, and birth date optionally. Matches will appear and a fee will be required to view it.

  • Public record finder: You will need the person’s first and last name, along with the city and state where the person ever lived. The website will give you the names you are trying to search for. Pay a fee for the information of the person, which includes all the cities the person ever lived in, known relatives, the school he studied in and places he worked.

  • VitalRec: With this site, you can search all the U.S marriage, death and birth records. You will need the full name of the person once again and the state where the person divorced in optionally. Find the name that matched and, of course, you need to pay to view the information.


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