So that’s you, a good guy. Naturally, you need a girl suitable for you. More than good, she has to be perfect. You have been wondering for a while how to find the perfect girl. Finally, you have come to the right place. This list of tips on how to find the perfect girl is meant to help you locate and charm the love of your life. We’ll first tell you where to find her, and then give you advice on how to choose a good girl for yourself.

Top 7 Places to Find the Perfect Girl



To date, there are still no better tips on how to find the perfect girl than going to parties. Because they attract so many different characters and people who have never met before, parties are the perfect relationship incubator.


Hobby classes

Hobby or do-it-yourself classes let you get to know the people you have around. Painting, sculpting, clay modeling, photography, or cooking classes are probably fun on their own. If you add to that the possibility to meet someone with the same interest as you, it gets all the more exciting. Play together to stay together!



Besides that you’ll do a good thing for society, volunteering is likely to attract caring and responsible people. You are not likely to meet a drama queen or a shallow party girl at a volunteering event, but rather someone who cares about others enough to spare some of her own time.



If you attend, for example, a leadership event, you are likely to notice that more than two thirds of the participants are ladies. And not just any ladies – they probably have a flourishing career and want to make it even better. If you are still studying, it’s even better. Get involved in campus ministries or other organizations; they may bring you more benefits than just meeting girls.


Cultural events

Love of culture spells quality. Attention, this is not about self-improvement or other New Age type event over mumbo-jumbo that proved to be a scam decades ago. Genuine cultural events, such as European Films Night or a Chinese dancing festival are great places to learn how to find the perfect girl.



Fundraising events are often associated with parties or events such as dance evenings, where people can connect and have some fun. Get known in your community and look for your girl in places where the competition is low.


The classical way

Sometimes, the best way to meet a good girl is through friends’ recommendations. This is the classical way of finding the perfect girl. Go out in groups as much as you can and see if you meet someone new. The secret is not to remain with the same group too much. The more groups you go out with, the better the chances you’ll meet your special one.

Top 8 Rules for Finding the Perfect Girl


Friendzoned? So what?

Even if you find a girl you like but she is not interested in you, there’s no reason to despair. If you really like her as a person, you might grow fond of that friendship in time, but, more importantly, she may have friends similar to her in interests and behavior. You know what they say: birds of a feather flock together.


Watch out for her friends

If a girl is interested in male dominated hobbies, it’s perfectly normal for her to have lots of male friends. However, if she has only male friends, it may be a sign that she may be using her sex appeal to make friends. It doesn’t have to be so, but be extra observant until you get to know her.


Pick your place carefully

If you want to be surrounded by party girls, be out dancing on a Wednesday night. If you want to meet the perfect girl for you, think about what her schedule might be and go to those places she might be going to.


Is she projecting her faults on others?

We all do this at some point or another. However, in the longer term, you’ll probably have a lot to suffer with a person that is projecting all her faults on you and always makes a scandal. Better to avoid this kind of girl.


Avoid cheaters

It is better to learn from the past than from future mistakes, especially if they are painful. Try to find out if she cheated in the past, because that makes her chances of future cheating a little bigger.


How are her friends?

Have you meet them yet? Meeting her friends is important because you learn a lot about a person by studying how their friends behave, and how the person acts when the friends are around.


Ignore the superficial issues

Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you cannot judge a girl by her clothes. The way she dresses doesn’t say much in the way of her personality, so don’t let these superficial issues influence your decisions.


Don’t be single minded

The best how to find the perfect girl tip is probably this: don’t be totally centered on finding her. Otherwise you will more likely end up choosing not to be alone instead of choosing to be with a special someone. Date, go out with friends, do whatever you have to do – just don’t commit to whoever comes first just because you don’t want to be single.


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