People spend their lifetime trying to find true love and the happiness that they deserve. Some may find their true love early on in their lives while there are some who experience it at the latter part. Some may have found it while exploring the world while some may have found it just around the corner, in the guise of a friend who has been there all along. Every person has a story to tell and there are countless ways to find true love.

6 Things You Must Do Before You Can Find True Love


Learn how to love yourself

It is true that before you can find true love, you must know first how to love yourself. You should have that maturity to look at your strengths and weaknesses and work towards improving them. To be truly comfortable with yourself, you have to know how to treat yourself and give yourself the love that you deserve. When you know how to shower yourself with love and know how to deal with your emotions, you become more ready to spend your life with another person.


Don’t think ahead

It is normal to be excited all the time when dating. It is, after all, an extraordinary feeling to have someone give his/her time and effort in getting to know you. However, it is also important not to get too excited about the details that you end up thinking about the future that you are going to build together, especially when you just had a few dates. Learn how to enjoy every moment with the person and take your time in getting to know him/her. Enjoying the present will save you from future heartaches.


Let go of your mental checklist

If you want to know how to find true love, you have to let go of your mental checklist. While it’s good to have a few non-negotiable characteristics for a partner, you cannot find everything that you are looking for in a single person. People are not machines that have certain specifications according to your preferences. You have to learn the qualities that you are willing to compromise and the ones that are essential in having a healthy relationship.


Be who you truly are

It is normal for people to try to put their best foot forward in any situation. This is also true in dating. Even if it makes them a little uncomfortable, people still do it because they think that the person they are dating would be more attracted to them. However, when they pretend to be someone they’re not, they feel that they have to be on their guard the whole time. When you know how to be who you truly are, you let yourself shine. There’s nothing to be scared about revealing your true self – the right man will love you for who you are.


Know how to be a good communicator

Good communication is a big component of a healthy relationship. Before entering one, you have to know how to speak your mind and express thoughts through actions. Being a good communicator also means knowing when to communicate your thoughts and when to keep them to yourself.


Open your heart

If you’re wondering how to find true love, the simplest answer is to just open your heart and let love come in. Most people are so afraid to open up because they feel vulnerable and unguarded. Let love surprise you with wonderful things. You will soon be amazed with how love takes form and changes you in ways you cannot imagine.

8 Ways to Tell If You Have Found True Love


Every little thing about him is amusing

Your partner’s little quirks and habits may irritate you if it were a different person, but you’ve accepted them and considered them as things that make your partner unique and lovable.


You tell him almost anything and treat him as your best friend

Whether you have just finished another level in the game that you’re playing for so long or have just cooked food for your family, you let your partner know. You know that your partner would not judge you and would love you just the same.


Both of you know how to handle arguments and fights

Having fights is normal in a relationship. You have found your true love when you deal with fights by talking about them and not letting them linger for a long time.


You’re still attracted to and passionate about each other

Remember your first few weeks and months with your partner? When you just couldn’t resist each other and want to be around them all the time? It is true love if you still feel that giddy feeling even after you have been together for quite a long time now.


You know how to be patient with him

If you want to know how to find true love, look at how patient you have become. When you were single, you wanted things to happen at the pace that you want them to. However, when your partner came along, you learned how to wait and let him take his time in doing things.


You push each other to be better

It is true love when your partner encourages you to be a better person and you do the same to him. You know that fulfilling your personal dreams with each other by the side makes both of you happy and contented.


You know how to compromise

Both of you are individuals who decided that life would be so much better with each other around. Being together meant knowing how to compromise and agree on a decision that addresses both of your concerns. Compromising on things just means that you both care for each other.


You care for his happiness

If you’re wondering about how to find true love, think of how much you truly care for your partner’s happiness. You truly love a person when simply seeing him happy makes you happy. All the effort and pain is worth it when you’ve made him smile.


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