You came across your crush and with all the courage you could gather, you walked up to him or her and started talking. It was good at first, but at the middle of your conversation, you didn’t know what to say next and everything started to feel dry and awkward. Almost everyone has experienced this kind of situation, and it’s a not so fun experience especially if you are talking to someone you are really attracted to. So what should you do? This article will give you different tips on how to handle a dry conversation.

How to Fix a Dry Conversation


Resume the last topic

In order to prevent the conversation from dying, use the last idea discussed to make the conversation look like naturally flowing. For example, if he told you he had his regular check-up yesterday, then ask him, “So how was your appointment with your doctor yesterday?” It won’t sound like you are trying hard to make a conversation with the other person.


Prepare a list of topics

This will really help you become confident during your conversation because it will save you from the stress of thinking what to say or what to ask next. If you will be having a video call, prepare a list and write it in a small notebook. Keep the notebook near you during the call, which will also help you make the most out of each topic.


Ask about his to-do list for the day

You are hitting three birds in one stone by asking him about his plans for the day. First, it will prevent the conversation from drying by making him talk about his plans and yours too; second, you will know what he will do for the rest of the day; and lastly, you will know how to end the conversation if needed. This is another great tip on how to fix a dry conversation.


Make the silence seem “intentional”

While on Skype and you just can’t avoid having that awkward moment of silence, make it seem like you are doing it on purpose. For example, while video chatting, simply smile and compliment him. Or you may make fun of the silence, like asking him if he wants to meditate with you for a few minutes.


Be observant

By simply observing him, you will be able to think of other things you can talk about. If you are talking face to face, you can ask about his new haircut, new wallet, or anything that draws your attention. If you are on Skype, you can tell him that you like the color of his room’s walls. This will open up new topics preventing the conversation from dying. 


Show him something

When the conversation is becoming dry, tell him that you want to show him something. Just look for anything you can show him, it can be a pen, a book, a picture, anything. You can even make a good looking and tasty coffee for him. The point is to find something to talk about rather than staring at each other in silence.


Know the other person’s interests

Another way to have a good conversation is by talking about the other person’s interests. For example, if you know that the person you are talking to is a doctor, you may ask him about the stories of his patients, certain diseases, other doctors, and other medical related topics.


Be updated

If you totally run out of things to talk about, knowing something about the current events will save you from that awkward silence. For example, ask him his thoughts about the recent elections. This is a great tip on how to fix a dry conversation. Just make sure that you don’t argue with him just because you don’t share the same opinion regarding the issues.


Use appropriate body language

Experts say that our body language is more important during a conversation compared to what we are saying, so take note of your actions when talking to someone. 

  • Do not cross your arms or your legs because this may seem intimidating by the other person. 

  • Maintain good eye contact and lean forward to show that you are interested in what the other person is saying. 

  • Avoid fidgeting because this will tell the other person that you are nervous and this will make them uncomfortable too.


There are no perfect conversations

Accept the fact that there will be times that your conversation hits road bumps, and it happens to almost everyone. What if you said something you should not have said? Simply smile and with the use of your body language like keeping eye contact, reassure the person that you want to continue the conversation. Then your conversation will naturally go back to where it should be.


Make fun of the silence

You can joke about the silence to make it seem that you are not afraid of it. For example, tell him, “We’ve lost topics to talk about, but I really want to know more about you. So, if you will be given super powers for a day, what would it be and why?”


Use the question-and-answer trick

How to fix a dry conversation? Ask interesting questions and never give answers with just a single word. By asking questions that make him interested, he will surely tell more stories about the topic. So, always avoid asking close-ended questions. Besides, you must avoid answering questions with only one word, which will definitely kill the conversation because it shows boredom and lack of interest. 


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