If you happen to be a girl who falls in love easily, the matter of getting his attention may be an urgent one! There’s no time to waste, and you can’t afford just sit here and wait till he somehow figures out you are having a crush. To speed up things considerably, here is our list of suggestions about how to get a boy’s attention for you schoolgirls or those who want to attract their handsome colleague.

How to Get a Boy’s Attention in School

Before we go down to find out how to get his attention, remember there are a few simple rules: do not stalk him, do not become a bugger, and do not be aggressive if he doesn’t return your affection or is altogether interested in another person. Now, let’s go.

Arrange happy ‘coincidences’

Walking the same hallways with your crush opens up a plenty of wonderful opportunities to see him wherever he goes! You are bound to come across his handsomeness now and then, but after some time you can figure out his schedule and try arranging some sort of coincidences, appearing in the same places at the same time!


Smile every time you see him

Now that you know when and where you are going to see him, be natural, look up and smile gently to acknowledge him, and see if he returns your smile. Doing this, it is important to make an eye contact, otherwise he may think you are smiling not at him, but rather at your thoughts or something.


Book into his optional classes

If your school provides this opportunity, try to get into his extra interests and book into the same optional classes. If you have no initial experience with the subject, this would be a great excuse to come up to him and ask for some help. He will surely be happy to help!


Join him for an extracurricular activity

Whether your schools prepare the annual theatre show or you find out that he is into roving, you can always join him beyond your major school work. It will provide much more time to spend together and to get to know him. If you want to learn how to get a boy’s attention, checking into his territory is a win, guaranteed!


Do your homework together

After some initial contact, it would be great to find a way to invite him to do your homework together. If he’s older (or younger) than you, no worries – you can always arrange additional training if you think you are lagging behind. Just don’t be afraid to ask!


Make friends with his friends

This may be a bit difficult, but using your network of schoolmates, try to make friends with more people he knows. This will get you an access to his social circle where you will enjoy watching him in his natural habitat and start a conversation much easier.


Leave him a creative letter

Sometimes movies can teach us a good lesson about how to get a boy’s attention. Remember how they got together in Like Crazy? This was a beautiful and romantic start of a love affair. Be open about your interest in a love letter or send him your poem.

How to Get a Boy’s Attention at Work

Now, it’s getting more serious. With your colleagues sharing the same sort of micro-environment day in day out, you may find it difficult to flirt before their eyes. Luckily, there are some tricky ways of how to get a boy’s attention at your workplace while keeping it all between you two.

Get someone to introduce you

Instead of rushing to his desk and pour your enthusiasm all over him, get someone who knows him to introduce you. This may be work-related or not, depending on the situation.


Chat occasionally

Don’t miss a chance if you see him anywhere near the coffee machine or water cooler. Soon these chats can grow into a pleasant tradition, and make him remember you. Just don’t overdo this by chasing him wherever he goes.


Add him on social or corporate networks

Even if you don’t find any proper job-related excuse for doing this, this is not suspicious at all since you share the same workplace. After you’re connected, make sure to check if he’s single – social networks don’t lie.


Have a lunch break together

With some common friends at work it should be easy. Join his table at your local café or canteen and have a small talk. If he likes this experience, he may invite you to have lunch next time too.


Socialize and have a good time

If you’re the type who likes to socialize with her colleagues and ooze positive vibes all around, just be yourself. Now and then he’ll definitely bump into you chatting carelessly with your workmates. It would be hard for him not to join you!


Ask him for help

Regardless of your job duties, there’s always something he could help you with. Stay alerted if he mentions his skills, interests, or plans – if he managed to catch your attention with anything you’ve been planning to do yourself, then don’t hesitate to ask him for assistance or sharing his knowledge.

If you are new to this workplace, then it’s even better. Let him be the one to show you around and guide through the building and internal rules.


Join him at corporate parties

Sooner or later you are going to have a corporate party, and this is your golden ticket! Dress up and smell incredible, do your hair and put on your favorite lipstick – this night is going to be yours. You have the relaxed atmosphere, free drinks, liberation from your daily chores and love in the air and everything you need to charm him.


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