Getting a girl to kiss you can be tough, especially if it’s your or her first time. What should you say to her? What should you do? What shouldn’t you do? Will she like it? Will she be offended? Will you lose her forever? See, when it comes to over thinking, there’s just no limit to it. So we’d suggest you begin by casting all your doubts aside because they really aren’t doing you any good. And now that you have read carefully the points mentioned below, in no way are we saying that they are a guarantee for you to get her to kiss you. What we are saying is that these merely increase your chances of that happening.

11 Quick Tips to Get a Girl to Kiss You


Go beyond the usual BS chats

How to get a girl to kiss you? Do away with your regular BS of discussing your classes, jobs, the weather or movies. Discuss something that will move her – most likely a cause close to her hart or something she’s passionate about. This will not only loosen her up in front of you but will also allow her mind to create a very positive impression of you, something which would not have been possible with ordinary discussion topics. Be careful of steering away from controversial topics like politics or religion, especially if you don’t know about her thoughts on such subjects.


Share personal information

Who do we share personal info with? With people we trust!

So when you share stuff with her that most people don’t know about you, that’ll show her you trust her. Your placing your trust in her will automatically trigger a response in her brain, making her trust you more. The easiest way to do so is to share an embarrassing secret, a secret passion or something dorky that only the ones closest to you know about.


Genuinely compliment her

Unlike what most boys think, the average girl is smart enough to understand when you’re being fake with your compliments, and when you’re being genuine. So when it comes to how to get a girl to kiss you, don’t compliment on her looks, clothes, appearance or shoes. Everybody does that. Compliment her about something meaningful, like her work, her activities, stuff she’s passionate about, her writing, her oratory skills – anything that she’s good at, basically.


Confidence is key

Let’s face it – there’s no woman out there who would want a man lacking in confidence. Relax, don’t be nervous and definitely don’t stutter when you talk to her. If you think that’s too much effort from your side, then maybe kissing a girl shouldn’t be on your mind right now.


Groom yourself

Let’s face it – appearances are important. And if you aren’t gifted in the looks or confidence department, you can compensate by being immaculately groomed when meeting your lady friend. Take a bath, brush your hair and teeth, iron your clothes, wear clothes worn by men (and not boys), apply just a hint of perfume, clean your nails, wear proper shoes…You know the drill!



How to get a girl to kiss you? Simple: Apply just a little bit of chapstick on your lips, especially if you can find a flavored one. Not only will it moisturize your lips, but it will make them appear more luscious and plumper, and thus, more ‘kissable’.


Wear something that stands out

Maybe a suave faux leather jacket, a statement watch, a bright tie – basically any accessory you’re comfortable wearing, and one that is flashy/bright enough to make you stand out. This will immediately increase your recall value in her mind and make you stand out among all the other guys that are trying to hit on her.


The right place and time

The biggest secret behind how to get a girl to kiss you lies in the setting/ambience of the place you’re in and the mood it creates. If you think she’s gonna kiss you on a date at a soccer stadium where, right in front of thousands of eyes, you’re wrong. More so because she would possibly be too pumped seeing her fav team in action to even think of kissing you.

Instead, opt for a more secluded place like a cute little café or a picnic at an excluded park. Choose night time as it’s more romantic than day time, and make sure there are little to no disturbances between you two.


Get a little physical with her

This works only when you’re either on a date with her, or alone with her. And of course she’s comfortable in your presence, otherwise you’re just gonna creep her out. If this is the first time you’re alone with her, I’d suggest waiting till the second or third time before getting ‘physical’ with her, because most women appreciate guys taking things slow.

Now, there are two types of flirting – verbal, and physical. If you’re sitting next to her, put your arm around her shoulder or on her knee (NOT her thigh). If you’re sitting in front of her, then brush her hair behind her ear or clean something off her face with your finger. Hold her hands and keep your fingers interlocked with hers for two seconds, and then let go.

Little actions like these help you test the field. Then keep an eye out for>


Her reaction

How did she react? Did she smile? Did she blush? Was she taken aback? Disgusted? Shocked?

Her reaction is gonna tell if you if she’s ready to kiss you. A smile, a blush or averting her gaze means she’s into you. Anything else basically means you should back off.


Kiss her on the cheek

Or on her hand. This will serve as a warm up for your actual kiss. As stated above, test by her reaction if she wants to take things further, or is simply not comfortable going so fast. And if the girl isn’t comfortable, do NOT make any moves on her for the rest of the night. It’ll show her you’re willing to wait till she’s ready to make a move, and showing her this level of respect is one of the most sure shot ways of how to get a girl to kiss you.


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