Now you’re one of three types of people reading this article. The first category belongs to people who have never had a girlfriend and thus don’t know where to begin. The second category belongs to people who have got over a major breakup and feel that they now can get back into the dating game. The people in the third category are those who are done with playing around and are looking forward to something more mature and stable. In all cases, all of you are facing the same dilemma, which is – how to get that girlfriend you want?

How to Get a Girlfriend

Ready? Brace yourselves boys, because some of the tips have been out there for very long, while others will be brand new information for you.

Don’t “be yourself”

“Being yourself” is not going to get you a girlfriend. Some of you have already tried that and failed. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking you to fake it or become someone you’re not. What I mean is that you’ll have to do something different. And that something different is in your attitude. If you’re too shy, cocky, sexist, stubborn or a jerk, you already know why you don’t have a girl. So drop that part of your personality – girls just don’t like it. Improve yourself so that you can become a better and improved version of yourself.


Speak louder

You know what women find creepy? When men talk in soft tones. If these men are their friends, sure. But if he is there in front of a woman as a potential suitor, then it’s a major turnoff because a lower voice shows lack of confidence and by extension, a submissive personality. It is also considered a sign of seeking approval because when people are afraid of being judged, they speak in lower tones. So speak up! I don’t mean that you have to shout. But at least be audible! This is one of the most “manly” ways on how to get a girlfriend.


Don’t be nervous

Or at least if you are, don’t show it. Fidgeting, sweating, being distracted, not making eye contact are some of the easiest ways to tell the entire world you’re nervous. See, here’s the thing. A woman is looking for a man to be part of her emotional support. And guess what is gonna happen when she sees a nervous man in front of her? Reject him.


Maintain strong eye contact

Lack of eye contact can mean one of two things: lack of confidence, or a shifty nature. And neither is appealing to women. Here’s a fascinating fact. A strong eye contact is not only a sign of confidence, but of dominance. Don’t believe me? Just google it.


Meet them at the right places

Know that there is no one-size-fits-all formula. And also, fishing for girls at bars and clubs is a complete myth. Not to mention that even if you do find a girl there, chances are she’s not looking for a relationship. So you’d just be wasting your time.

If you really want to know where and how to get a girlfriend, bear in mind that women are EVERYWHERE. Open your eyes – you’re surrounded by them. Do not let your own hesitance lead you into thinking that there is a “right” place to find women. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll go to a funeral and hope to find a potential girlfriend there. That’s just tacky, distasteful and shows how pathetic you are.


Forget pickup lines

Just no. Do you even know how fucking sleazy they are? Not to mention they show how creatively challenged you have to be to come up with lines older than your grandma.


Show her basic manners

Manners go a long way in winning a girl’s affection, thus increasing your chances of making her your GF. Am I saying that you have to treat her like a damsel in distress and come to her rescue whenever she needs you? Absolutely not.

But what I do mean is that you can open the door of your car once in a while for her, or give her red roses on dates at least the first date, compliment her on her appearance, or even take care of her when she’s sick. Gestures like these make her think you’re dependable and trustworthy, two very important qualities any and every boyfriend should have. It will make her more likely to commit to a relationship with you.


Show genuine interest in her

Girls (and boys) like it when someone shows interest in them. And don’t be stupid enough to think you can fake it. You’ll get caught and will have your ass handed over to you. Anyway, if you’re looking for a girlfriend, then you need to become the type of person who can genuinely care for someone else’s wellbeing apart from your own. The easiest way to accomplish that is to always know more about her – her family, friends, dreams, her job, etc. This is one of the most important pointers to keep in mind while thinking of how to get a girlfriend.


Women like nice guys

Ignore what Hollywood and your philandering friends say. Women DO like nice guys. It’s just that so many nice guys also happen to be needy or lack confidence, and that women tend to gravitate towards men who are sure of themselves and very confident. Unfortunately, these men also happen to be douchebags, and that’s how the “nice guys finish last” rumor started.

Show her your love, give her your respect and spend more time together. Appreciate what she does and make sure you never go overboard with your emotions. Nobody likes an emotional mess.


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