Even today, when sex isn’t as big of a taboo as it was, say, a decade ago, finding a one-night stand can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the whole concept or have failed miserably in the past. A lot of factors are into play when you’re out looking for a woman, including luck. Well, of course nobody has control over their luck, so how about we focus on things that you can actually control and make them work in your favour?

How to Get a One-Night Stand

There are certain things you should always keep in mind when figuring out how to get a great one-night stand. So what are those points? Have a look!

The lesser friends, the better

Here’s the thing – it will be a daunting task for a single woman to approach you if you’re surrounded by a big group of men. She will be too intimidated or nervous to make a move. So it’s best to hang out with a maximum of two friends. They can act as your wing men or they can be on the lookout for one-night stands themselves. Keep in mind to avoid going alone to a place as well, because that gives off the impression you’re a lonely creeper who has nothing better to do than to scout clubs or bars for single women.


Location is of the utmost importance

Hook-ups are seldom found at places like bookstores or coffee houses – go to those places when you want to find a woman you genuinely want to start a relationship with. Some venues simply don’t work if you are looking for a casual hook-up. On the other hand, places like bars, pubs or clubs are your best bet when working on how to get a one-night stand. However, do avoid excessively crowded places because then your chances of actually hooking up with someone decrease accordingly.


Distance matters

If you want to have sex with her in the bathroom of the pub or in your parked car outside, alright. But if you have a little more class, you would want to take her back to your place. In such a case, you have two options:

  • To visit places at night which are within a walking distance to your home because long cab rides often kill the mood.

  • Be smart and book a room at a motel close to the place where you’re scouring for women.


Keep an eye out for available women

This takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily spot which women are ready to have sex, and which ones are unavailable. Signs she’s looking for a hook-up include:

  • Wearing a short, body hugging, or cleavage showing dress

  • Wearing lots of makeup plus hair well-styled

  • Always having a drink in her hands

  • Laughing out loudly to catch the attention of others

  • Dancing seductively on the dance floor, almost always with her gal pals

  • Her eyes looking around, trying to judge who she will take home

However, if she’s with her friends and looks like she’s genuinely having a good time, your chances of hooking up with her lower drastically.


Get to the point

How to get a one night stand? Simple. Be direct. You’re here for sex, so why don’t you make it obvious from the beginning? I mean sure, spend a couple of minutes getting comfortable with her, but there’s no point in discussing her dreams and aspirations for half and an hour until and unless you’re looking to actually date her. Laugh, have small talk, and try to touch her at appropriate places like her shoulders, waist or hands. If she responds positively to your touch, go ahead. If not, then apologise and back off.


Be honest

Make it VERY clear to your lady that this one-night stand will end after the night is over. Do not delude her into believing that things can be taken further. And make it clear to her in clear words – no need to dillydally around the subject. If you’re old enough to have sex, you’re old enough to communicate your feelings as well. If not, then go back home, baby boy.


Get out of the place soon enough

There really is no point in talking to her till the club closes. The switching off of the lights, the thinning of the crowd, cleaning of the venue and the lack of music are instant mood killers. Not to mention that the longer you stay at a place, the more tired and sleepier you and she will be. So get out of the club or bar or pub at a reasonable time.


Don’t forget to take her number

How to get a one-night stand again and again? Well, if you’re interested in her or want to be friends with benefit with her, then getting her number is of great importance. When you reach home or the motel, asking for her number would be the last thing in your mind. So do it either when you’re talking to her, or after she gets ready to leave.


Give some details out subtly

When having a little chat, subtly give some information or hints to gain extra points to increase your chances of getting a one-night stand, like saying that your house is just nearby, that your apartment is nice, or that you can cook great steak. These things can make your potential one-night stand think you are a great guy and going home with you is not a bad idea.


Other ways of getting a one-night stand

  • You can control how to approach a girl, where to take her, ways to turn her on, but always remember that you can't control everything. Maybe in the middle of it, she has to leave due to unexpected events. Keep calm in this case.

  • How to get a one-night stand? Look good. Appearance is the most important thing in successfully getting a one-night stand.

  • Be gentle and respect her. If you want to try something, ask for her consent. Besides, ask if there is anything she wants to try and make your best to fulfil her.

  • Don't fake emotions and complicate things. You don't have to comment on how great it was, compliment how beautiful she is or offer to send her home. Just say things like "Last night was awesome because of you." or "Thanks for making my last night hot."

  • Make an exit plan. When both of you leave with big smiles on your faces, you put a perfect period on this one-night stand. Be fun, offer coffee but not breakfast and make an excuse to leave or let her leave first.


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