There are so many rules, suggestions, advices and tips from friends and family when it comes to the first date. Don’t wear this, don’t say that, pick her up, split the bill… But what about the second date? How many of those around you can confidently give you good advice on how to get another date? Chances are nobody. People just assume that since the first date went well, the subsequent ones will go well too. That’s not the case. Don't worry; we here list the best tips for you.

How to Get a Second Date

You have to make your date like you enough to make them want to see you for a second date, right? So keep in mind the following things:

Do not have heavy/deep/emotional conversations

You have to keep things light. Make him laugh or make her blush. Compliment him or ask her about her job. Discuss positive topics and avoid topics like religion and politics because these are topics that people are starkly divided over. By the time the date’s over, he’s going to remember you as the one girl who made him laugh, and he’ll definitely be coming back for more.


Make it about your date

I hope you are smart enough to centre your conversations around him or her when you are out on your first date. In today’s time, everybody wants to talk but nobody wants to listen. The key here is to be a good listener because chances are that your date doesn’t have one in his or her life. Even if your dates do have, it would pleasantly surprise them to see you showing this much interest in them and their life. You will definitely stand out and leave a great impression.


Follow up with your date

How to get a second date? Well, by following up with your date. After your first date ended, how long do you generally take before getting back in touch with her? 2 days? 3 days? So that you wouldn’t appear needy, right? WRONG. Don’t believe Hollywood because this “rule” is bullshit.

The right thing to do is to follow up the next morning with a sweet and simple text saying, "It was genuinely lovely to meet you. Let’s do this some time again" and BOOM. You’re immediately in her good graces, because the men of today have simply forgotten how further a little amount of courtesy can take them. Not to mention, it shows her that you’re interested in hanging out with her again. For girls who want to initiate this follow-up communication, you can send texts like "I had a really great time today and thanks for your company." This conveys the fact that you feel good about the date and indirectly encourages him to make the suggestions of a second date.


Let your date foot the bill

Now now, calm your horses. When the bill comes, look at them, smile and say naughtily, "How about you take this one, and I take the next one?" First off, it will take your dates off guard because people generally aren’t this direct about the second date. Second, your inclination to see them again will soften the blow of them having to pay the bill.


Do what works again

Now this is for those who went out on unconventional first dates and are wondering how to get a second date. So for example, both of you are art lovers and your favorite artist happens to be showcasing her art at a gallery in your city. You two go there and have a great time. But now what? Simple – tell him or her, "I’d love to see the next showcasing with you."

It is a great strategy, mostly because when you hang out at places you and the other person is interested in, it makes for great conversation. You two will bond more quickly and there are higher chances of you having a second date.


Borrow something from your date

Do it after your date has ended, like when you’re going to drop her off home. Ask her for a handkerchief or something small that she is likely to carry in her purse. If she asks why, then simply tell her, "So I can meet you again on a second date to return this to you." Girls, you can do this too, like borrowing his lighter to light your candle.


Don’t do everything at once

It’s your first date, right? So do you really want to pick her up, have coffee, watch a movie, have dinner, walk her home and then have a goodbye kiss? Because then what would you do on the second date? Why don’t you divide the activities you have planned into 3-4 dates? The first date can be focused on a movie, the second can be the afternoon coffee, the third can be dinner, and the forth can simply be dedicated to dessert! Less is more, people.


Be a little sneaky

If you think that’s too forward, be a little sneaky. During the date, “borrow” something from him or her, something he or she wouldn’t immediately miss. And then after the date is over, wait for his or her call. When asked if you have this item, say you picked it up when he or she dropped it and you forgot to return it. Tell your date you’d be glad to give it back over a cup of coffee. And boom! This is how to get a second date.


Hold off the kiss

Especially if you’re a guy. Kissing is often considered to be like sealing the deal, like somehow you’ve achieved what you wanted. Kissing on first date may be too soon and may startle your date. If you want to make her really want to see you again, what is the better way to make her feel in that fashion than to.... not kissing her? Yeah. Tell her, "I’ll kiss you when you’re 100% comfortable with it. Let’s just call it a night, shall we?" Such a gentlemanly gesture will definitely sweep her off her feet.


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