It’s wonderful to be in a relationship with someone you love and want to spend your life with, isn't it? But it’s been years now and he hasn’t popped the question, which has you irritated. I mean, after so many years of being together, a proposal is next logical step, right? But that idiot doesn’t get this. So how do you get him to propose? Well, it’s not as difficult as you may think. There are a few psychological hacks out there that you can use to your advantage in order to “push” him to propose to you. After all, to spend your lives in happy marital bliss is what you both want, right?

How to Get Him to Propose in 30 Days


Hang out with married friends

Ditch your single friends for the next 30 days and hang out with only married/engaged couples. Being around people who have made the ultimate commitment to each other will subconsciously make him start picturing the same thing with you. Your friends can also tell him even though marriage has its ups and downs, it’s worth it in the end. This is a good hack for those men who have divorced parents and are afraid to marry because they fear their own marriages will end up in divorces. Negative emotions associated with marriages will slowly give way to positive ones.


Discuss moving in together

If you haven’t done it already, then have that talk with him. Find out when (if at all) he wants to move in. And if he is not interested or is hesitant, ask him the reasons so that you two can sort it out amicably.


Discuss moving to a new place

If you’re thinking of how to get him to propose in 30 days, then try this trick. Tell him that while searching for new jobs, you find the perfect one in another city. Tell him that you’re considering shifting to that city, and watch how he reacts to this news. Pretend to look for apartments in the area and discuss how having a long-distance relationship may or may not work out for you. Tell him how there’s no solid commitment in your relationship, nor much of a reason to stay (unless he gives you a reason) and then watch him contemplate exactly how important you are to him. The very thought of having to live his life without you is sure to get him to propose.


Become the perfect roommate

If you guys are already living in together, then it’s time to up your game and show him that you’re the best possible roommate he can have. You have to show him that you’re mature, responsible and can take care of your duties. Also make it a point to tell him time and again how living with you is better for him than living with a bunch of lazy ass messy guys that he used to live with when in college. But don’t be so obvious when doing this.


Remove his fear

Despite how proud you are of how well your man knows you, don’t ever assume he can never be wrong about you. For all you know, you’re sitting here waiting for him to propose so that you can say yes, while he’s sitting there in fear because he thinks you’ll say no. Maybe it’s not the idea of marriage that scares him but the fear of rejection. And we all know how fragile male egos are, right ladies?


Clarify your budget

How to get him to propose in 30 days? Sometimes, you just have to work out the Math. Often the reason men hesitate to propose is because of all the expenses that are involved. There are two ways to handle this – offer to pay 50% or more, depending on how lavish a wedding YOU want, of the expense. Or assure him that you’re not looking for a fancy ring or wedding, and that you’re happy with a small ceremony with a ring that costs less than $100.


Hang out less with him

He should know that he’s not the centre of your universe – you have a life beyond him and you’re capable of having fun with or without him. Hang out more with your friends, family or peers. Make lots of plans that don’t include him. This solves a two-fold purpose. First, it shows that you can be happy without him, which will make him see you in a different light. Second, he might think he’s losing you and in order to gain you back, he might finally muster the courage to propose.


Hint that you have options

But make sure you’re just hinting and not stating it blatantly. Maybe talk about how your ex is trying to get back in touch with you and you’re contemplating meeting him. Or flirt with cute guys in front of your guy. Show that he’s not the only one you’re tied down to, and that if he won’t make a move he’s sure to lose you. This will lead him to think you’re losing interest in him, which will push him to propose! But do this smartly and never overdo it, or this may lead to some unexpected heartbroken ending.


Mention a timeframe

If all else fails, do you know the final trick of how to get him to propose in 30 days? Simple. Just tell him that you had envisioned getting married by age X and that you’ve crossed that age but are still unmarried, or that you might want to get engaged in Y number of months. Sometimes men can be too stupid to pick up on hints till those hints are thrown right in their faces!


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