Is Mr. Right in front of you, unaware of your intentions and you're wondering how to get his attention? It may be easier than you think if you know the right ways to make your crush notice you and be interested.

Sometimes you might need some help in romance; a few tricks might be necessary when the person you have a crush on fails to notice you. This does not mean that it’s the end of your story; rather, it might need a push to start.

9 Powerful Tips on How to Get His Attention

It is not a very rare situation when your crush isn't aware of your feelings for him, and these are times when you have to take matters into your own hands. Here are our 9 tips to help you get his attention.

Always Look Your Best

The first thing that he is going to notice, inevitably, would be your appearance, so you should always try to look your best when there is a chance of meeting him.

The person you are crushing on might be a mutual friend or someone who works with you, or even the new neighbor. Whenever there is a chance of bumping into this person, take some effort to look prepared. This doesn't mean you have to be always wearing your best clothes and makeup even if it's 7 in the morning, but that you are clean, well groomed and well-dressed to the best of your limit.


Never Look Too Interested

You may be interested in the guy, but don't let it show in your attitude or behavior. Many girls begin to flush and stutter when their crush turns his attention to them, but that should never happen.

Stay confident and cool when you happen to meet, so that he doesn't think you are a nervous wreck or someone silly. Don’t look desperate for his attention by walking past him more than a dozen times, or speaking loudly unnecessarily, or staring. Act natural, and always give him the impression that you are comfortable and having fun.


Don't Wait Forever

There is no rulebook saying that you have to wait for him to make the first move. Girls can make the first approach as easily as a guy could, and instead of waiting for the man to notice you, you are perfectly entitled to go ahead and strike up a conversation.

Even if you are interested in him romantically, your initial attitude should be friendly and open. A smile, a cordial “Hi” and a pleasant attitude - that's all you need to open the communication. It's definitely better than longing for him from a distance; making the first move will at least start the conversation.


Make the First Impression Count

You only get one chance to make the impression, so you have to make it an unforgettable one. The best way to do so in front of the guy you like is to present yourself as a woman who is friendly yet mysterious, approachable yet a mystery to figure out.

No matter how much you are pining for this person inside, don't show it to his face. Act cool and fun; show him that you are an interesting person with a deep persona. Keep the conversation light, but hint that you are capable of insightfulness and feelings. Make a little joke, but not at someone else; keep your topics positive and interesting.


Don't Forget to Flirt

A little flirting in these cases will help your situation. Don't chase him no matter how much the temptation, but don't forget to give him a glimpse of your flirty side.

Play with words, laugh a little seductively and lower your voice occasionally - that will get his interest. Play with your hair or look directly into his eyes - body language plays a very important role in flirting, so don't be afraid to use it.


Be Engaging and Interesting

It's your conversation and attitude that you need to use to keep him hooked, and not something else - if you want him to notice you for the right reasons, that is.

Make your conversation engaging, interesting and positive. Ask questions about him and look for common grounds - career, hometown, mutual friends, favorite books, food and cuisine, favorite holiday destination, etc. Don't monopolize the conversation but let him speak too; don't just agree to everything he says, but reply back with humor.


Don’t Monopolize His Time

The first impression is an important one, but don't make it so long that he starts to fidget and get bored. You wouldn't want him to tire of you because that will destroy your mysterious persona and make you look like a bothersome person.

Make your meeting a short one but something he would definitely remember. Be the one who ends the conversation first before it gets too long, not the one left behind. Walk away from the first meeting when you think it has gone on perfectly.


Show Him Your Distinctiveness

A single man will have the chance to meet a number of girls, and you shouldn't let yourself be just one of them. Very quickly into your conversation, let him know what's special and unique about you.

Talk about your passions and interests, something crazy that happened at your last vacation, or your latest escapade with cooking. Show that you are funny and interesting, and that you live an enjoyable life that he would want to be a part of.


Keep Him Coming Back for More

It's not enough to just get his attention if this is the only time you get together; you'll have to secure the next meeting, i.e. get him to ask you out.

This might take some gentle handling from your side. Mention how you are looking forward to the premiere of a movie, or how you love a certain pizza joint. Hopefully, he will get the hint and ask you out on a date.


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