Getting in the mood isn't something that should be difficult to achieve if you have the right ways, yet most people still complain they do not know how to get in the mood easily. In order to get in the mood, you must take time to experiment to know what works for you and what doesn't. You must not forget to put your personality and sexiness into consideration when trying to learn how to get in the mood. Some people are naturally more apt to get in the mood with little or no efforts, while for some others, it requires some spirited rituals and procedures to get them there. This article is what you want for sure.

13 Practical Tips on How to Get In the Mood


Share Chores to Gain More Time with Your Partner

According to studies, women who do not work from home are known to do more housework and spend longer hours with the kids than their partners do. Most people cannot find the time to strike a balance between office responsibilities and home chores. The stress that comes from this often ends up in the popular saying, I'm not in the mood." Why not share the chores and find you two more time to enjoy sex life?


Make Him Ask in Nice Way

Make sure you don't make it appear ugly. Demand that you do not want any begging, whining or pouting. Don’t let him say things like, "we never have sex", or "I can't figure out the last time we made love." After all, there is no place in the marriage contract that stated how often you should be having sex with him. If he has lost the techniques for seducing you, he needs to sharpen his skills.


Create Some Seduction Rituals That Put You in the Mood

To most women, sliding into a silk slip or kimono or allowing their minds to drift into a wonderland filled with tempting scents makes them feel sexy. They often do these things for themselves before doing them for their spouses. So take time to discover the pre-sex ritual that turns you on.


Heat Up Your Fantasies

Nothing can be compared to a great, steamy fantasy to put you in the right mood. The only setback is that generating great fantasies when you are not ready for sex can be quite difficult. Whether you prefer conventional romance or make-believe porn, make sure you always have some strategic books in your drawer. Reading a few pages of the right book can be all you need to get turned on. You will find yourself changing from "I'm not in the mood” to “I want you now."


Take the Bull by the Horns

One of the most effective tips on how to get in the mood is to get to your bedroom or bathroom and engage in some acts of masturbation. This turns you on instantly. You can then invite him to come over. You can decide to tell him you have been masturbating or not-it is up to you.


Choose the Tempo

If he is the sexy type, he is expected to put in more efforts to turn you on. Tell him exactly how you want it: More energetic oral sex, more passionate kisses, caressing and fondling. There couldn't have been any better time to ask.


Make Him Yearn for You for a Day or Two

Saying no to sex when your partner is in the mood can be a bit sexy. When you tell him you can't have it with him tonight, give your word you will tomorrow and make sure you keep your promise. It is his responsibility to put you in the right mood. He should do things like leaving sexy messages on your voicemail, drop some love notes around the house, tuck them into your handbag or coffee cup, and send a beautiful rose to you while in the office.


Just Do It

Having sex can be compared to riding a bicycle. You wake up feeling you lack the energy to get on top the bike, but when you do, you suddenly discover you can't just stop pedaling. There is this feeling of exhilaration you get from the action. It has been discovered that having sex when you don't feel like getting into the act ends up being the best decision you made all day.


Try Some New Things with Your Partner

If your relationship is a long-term one, you can find some routines to work with. Evidence of the release of dopamine by the brain during novel experience abound. Dopamine is that feel good chemical substance that stimulates the pleasure zone in the human brain. Always try out some new positions, styles, times, and places. You can form the habit of getting a morning quickie as soon as you and your partner awake. You can try having sex while in the shower or in the guest room.


Engage In Some Kinds of Competitive Sex

Don't be bothered when your highly sexed friends tell you they have passionate sex three times a day-or when you read a publication that couples who have more sex stay together for longer. You can get inspiration for having a healthier sexual relationship with your partner. Most times we get inspiration from others to change our diets, do more exercises, request for a raise at work, or change careers entirely because a friend did it.


Try to Rediscover Yourselves Without Any Pressure

If you have stayed for sometime without sex, an attempt by your partner may seem forced or artificial. Reconnecting in a non-sexual way is one of the traditional tips on how to get in the mood. But once you are able to reconnect with your partner, you will be able to enjoy an exciting sexual encounter with your spouse. When the passion between you two is alive, a 10-minute quickie can be a great experience. This can go a long way to strengthen the bond between you and your partner.


Take Some Time Off The Romance and Try to Know Yourselves Better

Don't wait for the time to turn the lights off, you can take a short break for a romantic experience before starting your evening chores. Create some time for you to spend some time and find a place to be with your spouse and think of creative ways to spice up your sex life. There is no spontaneity when it comes to how to get in the mood. You have to create time to be with your partner to discover the unexploited parts of each other.


Put Medical Aspects into Consideration

There could be more to a waning libido than aging. It could be a sign of an underlying health issue. Things like hormonal imbalance, anxiety, and depression can all lead to sexual dysfunction. Other health conditions like heart problem and certain medications can reduce your desire for sex.

These conditions have medical remedies, so talk to your doctor. Also make sure you are getting enough sleep and eat more fruits and veggies. With the right efforts, you can put the fire back in your sex life.


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