Are you having a crush on someone? When you are caught in the midst of a confusing attraction towards someone, you are left distracted and become unproductive. It is possible to experience physical side effects of a crush such as loss of appetite, lack of sleep and also stomach upsets. If you have a crush on someone and it is clear that there is no future for you two, it is important for you to manage your feelings towards the person positively. To do so, you need to learn how to get over your crush. This is an important skill you must acquire to be able to keep your emotions under control. This is a part of being emotionally intelligent and aware of who you are.

How to Get Over a Crush


Admit You Have a Crush

Before you can learn how to handle a problem, the first step is usually acknowledging that there is a problem. For you to start working on getting over your crush, you must admit that you are indeed crushing over someone and that someone never gives any response to your emotion. There is really nothing to be ashamed of. Once you accept this, you can start the healing process.


Let go of the anger and bitterness

While your reasons for feeling angry and bitter towards your crush may be valid, it is important to let go of these negative emotions. Maybe your crush hurt you really badly or you were hoping for more than what you had. It is natural for you to keep obsessing on this issue, but it doesn’t help the situation. Simply stop focusing on the negatives. Find it in your heart to forgive your crush and start to concentrate on healing and moving on.


Know Your Crush Isn’t Perfect

Usually when two people part ways, one of the reasons why moving on is hard is that most people keep remembering the good times they shared with their significant other. The easiest way to get over someone is to start focusing more on their negative qualities. You definitely must have noticed that he had some qualities that you were not fond of. When you focus on these negative traits, it helps you to see them in another light. You get to see them in their worst and realize maybe they weren’t good for you after all.


See a Therapist

Sometimes, your emotions can spiral out of control and you may need the help of an expert to work through your breakup. If talking to your friends or maybe family doesn’t help to make it easier, you may need to seek the services of a therapist. With the help of a professional, you will be able to get to the root of the issue and start the healing process. This is one important tip on how to get over a crush.


Engage in Social Activities

If you find that being alone makes you think a lot about your crush, you need to start spending more time around other people. You can choose to spend time after work drinking or watching a game with your co-workers or friends. You can also find other social activities to engage in. The idea is to spend as little time as possible idling around. This is when the thoughts about your crush start creeping in. Choose to pursue a hobby, make new friends or join a club. This is the best way to heal and start dating again.


Know Your Worth

Maybe you imagine that your crush was the perfect match for you, but this wasn’t the case because it ended. It is important to understand that you deserve better. If they did you wrong, you do not need them in your life. When you know your worth, you open to the idea of meeting someone who will value you. Never allow yourself to settle for less than you deserve just because you think you are in love.


Stop Keeping Contact with Them

After parting ways with your crush, it is normal to want to talk to them every once in a while. If you are still having communication with them, you need to stop it if you want to get over them. Stop calling, texting or bumping into them as much as possible. This will go a long way in helping you completely cut them out of your life. If circumstances force you to be in the same environment with your crush, simply try and make the interactions as minimal as possible. Remember to keep it professional. You should also avoid any interactions with them on social media. Always bear this in mind when working on how to get over a crush.


Change Your Routines

When dating someone, your lifestyle and theirs mix up to accommodate each other’s needs. You will find that in time, you create habits that intertwine with your crush. If this was the case, you need to break the routines you had created. For example, if you used to have the same breakfast with them, try something different. Avoid going to places you used to dine together. Start creating new habits that center only around you.


There Is Nothing Wrong with Being Alone

Some people are so afraid of being alone that they would rather stick in bad relationships than being solo. It is important to understand that being alone is not necessarily a bad thing. This is the time you should use to rediscover who you are and learn to love yourself again. For you to be able to have a fulfilling relationship in the future, you have to learn to enjoy being alone. Take yourself on a date, treat yourself to a movie or go on vacation alone. Enjoy doing things alone.


Start Preparing to See Other People

This is the last tip on how to get over a crush. Once you realize that you are forgetting your crush, start giving in to the idea of meeting new people and falling in love again. You have rediscovered yourself and learned to live without your crush. You are ready to meet other people. Start going on dates and find someone new to crush on. With time, you will welcome someone new in your life. Hopefully it will be someone better.


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