We compiled a top ten list with advice regarding how to get over being dumped, because this happened at least once to everyone in the world. Even the luckiest of us can get dumped by their significant other, so we all understand how painful that is and how it makes you question everything, starting with yourself. It’s time to let go of doubt and move on by learning how to get over being dumped in the easiest way.

10 Proven Tips on How to Get Over Being Dumped


Keep busy

Maintaining a healthy level of activity is really very important regardless of the event that caused you distress. This will keep your mind distracted and preoccupied with things that are worth your attention. Instead of isolating yourself and staying indoors, go out for a walk, meet your friends, start jogging and go to the gym. This will keep your schedule full and leave less time for mopping around the house all alone. Physical activity will increase your endorphin level, make you more confident about yourself!


Remember what you used to like “before”

Recall what you liked doing before you met him or her and start doing again all those things that you did not have time to do when you were together. Relationships tend to isolate and change most people, which is a mistake in general. Become your old self again by revisiting your hobbies, whether they were finger painting or volunteering. If you feel like you don’t remember what you liked ‘before”, don’t worry. Find something else or just live confidently and it will come back to you.


Don’t let yourself go

Perhaps it is easier to stop taking care of yourself after a breakup, but keep in mind that this is the way that depression starts. Avoid this hallmark symptom of depression and don’t underestimate the therapeutic potential of going to the spa or getting a new hair style. Just like physical activity, it will boost your mood, make you feel more confident, and feel like embracing the change like something positive. At the same time it’s a good opportunity to try on that look that you ex always stopped you from trying.


Don’t be afraid of change

People fear the unknown, which is why it is so difficult to come to terms with the change brought about by a break up. But change often is a wonderful thing, and this is the best how to get over being dumped tip. Try the new look that you always wanted, take up a new hobby that you did not have time for, or go to that ski trip which you couldn’t consider before because your ex didn’t want to come. Enjoy your new found freedom.


Don’t look for a reason

Sometimes, it will feel like having a better understanding of why the separation happened will help you get over it. However, looking for a reason never helps. It doesn’t change the situation and it doesn’t bring your significant other back. Sometimes there even isn’t any reason that can be understood. Perhaps time worked in your disfavor or they weren’t right for you in the first place. Don’t worry about finding the reason, but embrace the future instead.


Be aware that time heals all wounds

Nothing lasts forever, not even the pain of a break up. People say that time heals all wounds, but in the high of a traumatic break up this sounds like a useless cliché. From experience, we call tell you that it is true. In a few years from now, you will most likely have forgotten a lot of details about it. First, the good times will become fuzzy, and then you’ll have difficulties remembering what you fought over. At some point, you will realize you don’t remember why you did break up in the first place, and later on even why and how did you first got to be together. Let time fly and take the pain with it.


Plan your forgetting

If you want to know how to get over being dumped, this is your answer. Don’t cling to your memories, and more importantly, don’t keep around the house things that make you think about him or her. No exceptions, and no matter how sentimental you are! The brain takes information from your surroundings constantly so keeping little tokens only helps you remember.


Don’t be an idiot

Don’t even think about destroying his or her belongings, because this is a really stupid and immature thing to do, especially since it can get you jailed! Not to mention that it won’t make your ex have any better feelings about you. Also do not, under any circumstances, drunk-text your ex, casually hook up, have sex or make drunk calls. This is wasting precious healing time and keeps you from moving on.


Don’t make it bigger than it should be

You entered it alone, so there is no point bringing your parents or friends in it. You should not involve other to punish your ex or create any kind of pressure. This doesn’t mean that you should not ask for help and support, which bring us to the next point.


Reach out for your friends

Although people tend to forget their friends when in relationships and you may have forgotten yours, it does not mean that you should keep to yourself. True friends will be glad to have you back, so reach out to them. Invite them out to catch up and gossip. Spend more time with them, they surely missed you.


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