When you’re in love and happy, you never think about things going awry, do you? You look at the person sleeping next to you and you realize how impossible it would be to live a life without this special person in it. But then life happened and you two broke up. That breakup was terrible because true love when broken hurts so much that now you feel you’ll never be able to find someone like him or her, which only worsens your current emotional condition. But right now, you should focus on how to get better and move on with your life, so why don’t you let us guide you?

How to Get Over Your True Love

Getting over your love is easier said than done. But if you diligently follow what we’ve written below, we can guarantee that you will be able to smile again without feeling sad for your loss.

Accept the fact

Cliché, right? But it’s true. In order to move forward, you have to make peace with your past. And that peace comes with acceptance. You need to accept that things have ended, that your ex is never going to come back, and that moving forward is the only way to go for you. Wasting your energy on anything else is, well, a waste of your energy and life.


Don't dwell on it

We’ve all been there. Wondering what would have happened if we’d reacted differently in a given situation? But the truth is – that person has gone. And no matter what you do or don’t do, he or she is not coming back. Thinking about what could have been, what should have been, what should have been said or what shouldn’t have been said is nothing but fancy ways of torturing your mind and soul, because it only makes you feel worse and worse every time you have these little debates with yourself. Doesn’t it? So don’t do it.


Bursts of emotions are okay

Being in mourning is okay. That can be expected. But don’t let that fool you into believing that you cannot be happy while you’re in mourning. Confused? Let me give you an example:

You’re sitting in the park, almost in the verge of crying because this is where he and you used to meet frequently. But then you see these two cute little kids playing with their dogs, and you can’t help but smile and feel a little happy. Know you can do this when you’re working on how to get over your true love.

It’s impossible for any person to be miserable 24x7. The human mind is vast and complex, and it is not only okay, but it is very good if you find joy in little things. That’s good because it shows that even if for a brief moment, you’re capable of being happy without that once-so-important person.


Avoid contact with your ex

And when I say avoid, I mean a blanket ban. Remove him from your contact list and all your social media outlets. You don’t need him in your life anymore, remember? Especially if he was the one who dumped you.


Get out

Don’t roll your eyes. There’re reasons our mothers used to insist that we spend a decent amount of time out in the sunshine. First off, vitamin D. Second, even psychologists agree that Sun + people = happiness.


Be a daredevil

And no, I am in no means encouraging you to drive drunk at a speed of 150. No way. What I mean is, push out of your comfort zone and try things that you have always wanted but never did, like traveling the country, rock climbing, going to a live concert of your favorite singer, bungee jumping, learning how to cook or even something as silly as overcoming your fear of spiders. Challenge yourself, because that will help you focus on things other than your lost love which is the perfect answer to how to get over your true love.


Socialize more

I know this is more difficult than it sounds, but still. What’s the harm in trying? Meet new people and hang out with a newer set of friends. Do things you’ve never done before. Think that’s too difficult for you? Then sign up as a volunteer for a cause close to your heart, like a pet shelter, where you can meet like-minded people. You have shared interests and forging a bond with them can become that much easier.


Give your room a makeover

If pushing beyond your comfort zone is not your thing, don’t worry. Invest your time, energy and money into giving your room or apartment a crazy new look. Clean up all the mess that is lying around, put all your clothes in either your cupboard or the washing machine, sit down with a warm mug of coffee, and browse through Pinterest to find the best and most affordable DIY makeovers for your place.


Get rid of his stuff

How to get over your true love? When you’re done, give away or donate everything that he gifted you, no matter how emotionally attached you are to those objects. The more you cling on to them, the more you’re closing yourself from moving on and having a life devoid of him. By the end of this exercise, I guarantee you will be very happy that you took this step. For some people this is the first step, while for others it is their last. If you ask me, better sooner than later!


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