Everyone has one or several crushes on the go at one point of time in their lives. They make up a good chunk of your life and can make it better – or worse. Seeing your crush every day can distract you from work or study. For example, you may be sitting there trying to figure out if he/she likes you back and if anything can come of it, instead of doing what you’re responsible for.

At times, your crushes end up being someone you are close with, like a friend or acquaintance, while others they may be fleeting seconds at the grocery store, but all make life more exciting. The friends’ conundrum always gets a little tricky. Do they like you back? Should you reveal you feelings or continue to hide it? How to get your crush to like you? Well, here are some surefire tips on how to make it happen.

How to Get Your Crush to Like You


Get Out of Your Shell

Not a naturally outgoing person? Not to worry; just head out and do things that interest you. Your friends and your crush will notice you. There are a number of things you can do like sports, community classes, getting a job, trying something new, etc.

Going out and trying new things solely because your crush likes them isn’t the way to win over his/her heart; in fact, it will make you look uncomfortable (doing things you aren’t comfortable with always shows) and your relationship, be it with acquaintances or friends, will take a hit.


Be Kind

Sound simple. But, a lot of people ignore acting nicely around their crushes, mostly to do with nerves. When you try to impress your crush and get them to notice you, you may end up saying things that aren’t always the nicest. 

But, how to get your crush to like you by being kind? Start by showing them that you like them – at least as a friend, at first! Be optimistic and look for positive or good sides in everyone and everything around. Help people, compliment them and give your crush and others big smiles. 

By being nice and doing nice things for them (because you want to, not because you feel forced to) will show you’re a kind person to be around, and who doesn’t love to be around kind people?


Look Good and Feel Good

Looking good doesn’t have to mean looking like a model in a magazine; in reality, no one (even the models themselves) looks like models in magazines. But, taking care of your body, looking and your personal hygiene will really make people take notice of you. 

Wearing clothes that are clean and without embarrassing stains or rips will make you come off as polished and graceful. People love other people who dress well as it shows that they take pride in themselves and in what they wear. Eat well, drink lots of water and get plenty of exercise; it may be annoying to hear, but you’ll look – and feel – good from the inside out.


Just Be Your Beautiful Self

How to get your crush to like you? Truth is, no one likes someone who is always pretending to be someone else. This can get you into a lot of trouble down the road in your new relationship when you pretend to like a certain TV show, movie, or genre of music. Sure, you can play along and look up a few things in the beginning, but it can be exhausting and just not worth it. If your crush doesn’t like you for you, why even bother? You’ll have so many more crushes throughout your life who will like you for everything you are. Being confident in yourself will show through and make you shine.


Act Like You Don’t Care at Times

The best way to get your crushes' attention is to act like they aren’t your crush at all. Not to be mean, but try to hold back your feelings or responding to certain things they say/message. This will give you a great advantage. People always want what they think they can’t have; the same is no different when your crushes are involved. If you seem like you don’t need them in your life, and that you are just fine by yourself (which you should be and are!), they’ll begin to wonder how they can get into your life.


Learn More About Them

Being someone who looks to be approachable can be used in all facets of life, whether it’s in an interview, asking someone for help, or when you’re trying to get your crush to like you. People are drawn to those who are easy-going as they don’t want to get bogged down with stress early on in any type of relationship. Letting yourself be a bit more approachable to others around you will help you find out more about what your crush is into and will help you find common ground that you two share. Finding a common interest with a crush can be the easiest route to make an acquaintance into a new relationship.


Just Talk to Your Crush

So your crush has noticed you, you’re looking – and feeling – great, and you’ve learned a little bit about them. Now what? How do you get your crush to like you now? Try initiating some conversation about those shared interests you recently learned about, or by leaning on your funny bone and teasing them (in a gentle, not rude way) about how they’re wrong in certain subjects. Being a little funny with people shows others you can let your guard down, giving you the advantage to see them open up and allow you to bond.


Try Flirting

Flirting can be fun and easy. Without going overboard, try flirting with your crush a little bit. If they like you, or are interested and curious, they will flirt right back. Using a little bit of flirtation will let your crush know that you are interested in them, without going too far or making things awkward. Your flirting may even lead to a possible future date or plans! Throwing out a little flirtation will leave them wanting more and thinking about you long after your run-in is gone.


Stay Out of the Friend Zone

We’ve all heard of the deadly friend zone that can trap all those hearts out there. But, how to get your crush to like you? Simple - keep yourself from getting pulled in. You may have heard that a lot of married couples always repeat that they married their best friend. Although it's vital to feel as relaxed, comfortable, happy, and at ease around your crushes as around your friends, but make sure that your crush knows your true feelings and that’s where flirting comes in handy. 


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