Spoiled by so many romantic movies and books, we all want our relationships to kick off in an ideal way. Although in most cases it’s pretty unpredictable, you may however get the things between you going with a perfect first kiss. This works both with a girl you have just recently met or with the one you have been dating for a while and now want to get to the new level of intimacy.

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Kiss You

There is no silver bullet for getting kissed by your girlfriend, but luckily you can get hold of the situation in a few ways. Just remember to be respectful about her decision NOT to kiss you; otherwise you risk never seeing her again.

Follow a predictable scenario

We mentioned the mighty romantic literature and cinema for a reason. Brought up in the mass culture, you two may share the same views on how a romance should start and develop into steady relationships. One of the most efficient recipes on how to get your girlfriend to kiss you is to place you both in a familiar situation, like dancing in the middle of an empty street late at night, or star-gazing on the rooftop, or going out to a local cinema, or – who knows – even taking her to an amusement park so that she feels all careless like a child and grateful for being unusually entertained.

The key is to gently lead her towards a predictable outcome – a kiss, and to make sure that she prepares herself for it step by step: sitting in the comforting darkness of a cinema, you can both enjoy growing tensions and get used to the idea of eventually getting closer to each other.


Make her thank you with a kiss

Being a gentleman pays off in many ways. Apart from making a positive impression, there is also a luring perk of a kiss for helping her out. If you are serious about how to get your girlfriend to kiss you (especially if you are already dating but there’s some deadlock in your relationships), pay your close attention to any opportunities to be really useful – like being there when she moves in a new apartment, needs a lift, or just feels down and needs to be comforted. Show no sign of expecting a reward – you can pretend to be genuinely undemanding without any pushing from your side. She is likely to appreciate it and initiate your first kiss as her way to thank you.


Enthuse her about your feelings

There is nothing wrong about being sincere about your intentions. If your girlfriend agrees to spend time with you, she is likely to return your feelings – it’s just that she may be too shy, or romantic, or passive to express them herself. You may help her to let herself go by being the first to reveal yourself. Touch her arm or hair gently without any sexual implications, lower your voice and get closer to explore your limits in terms of personal distance. Meanwhile, you can make notes of her responses to either confirm she’s into this little play, or prove it’s not yet the right time (more on this below!).


Check the timing

If you don’t intend to seem too aggressive or too indifferent to her, make sure you choose the right time to kiss her. Unless it’s a one-night stand and you have no time to waste (but then again, no one says about starting a relationship), allow to make her comfortable and try not to push things forward too early. It’s a commonly held view that a kiss always occurs as a finale of some romantic situation, and it’s your responsibility to create this opportunity.

The task of how to get your girlfriend to kiss you won’t seem intimidating if you try to read the signs that could prove she’s ready. This skill will come handy anyway, especially if you are up to a long-term affair, so read on to get some really useful tips.

Signs Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You

You’d be surprised but women do not just passively wait to be kissed or taken – it’s just that sometimes guys fail to get the signs that literally scream about their girlfriends’ desire. Here are some tips about noticing the true indicators that you are about to kiss.

Her eyes and lips

You are both in this game of staring, right? Being in a conversation, just pay attention to how she looks up (or down) at you. If she avoids a direct eye contact, she may be shy and coy but is likely to kiss you back if you dare. If her eyes are all wide open and inquisitive, she is up to a more sexually charged behavior from your side. Does she play with her lips: wetting them or reapplying her lipstick? This is a sure sign she wants you to get closer.


Her body language

To learn how to get your girlfriend to kiss you is to learn her body language. Ultimately, it’s all about the distance between you and her posture. Is she leaning towards you? Is she moving back as soon as you try to get closer? Does she cross her legs? Does she keep herself upright as if under some tension? Answering those questions would help you to understand her feelings about you better.

However, even if she has no seeming predisposition to you at the moment, you can always change this by spicing up your conversation with a bit of innocent flirt and good humor. You can even go as far as to change your behavior completely as if switching roles and showing no interest in kissing her. This is likely to intrigue your vis-à-vis and make her want to chase you out of interest instead.


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