Are you trying to conceive and are wondering how to have a boy? Just read through these methods which have been tried below, even though some of them true, some just wacky. However, no one can claim that these methods are hundred percent effective. But you don’t lose anything by trying them out, right? Who knows, you might just succeed.

Seven Keys to Have a Boy

The genetic make-up of the baby is determined by the genes received from both the mother and the father. Half of the genes come from each parent. A mother is able to contribute only the X gene as her genetic make-up is XX. The father’s genetic make-up is XY, and hence he can contribute either X or Y gene to the baby. This shows that the gender of the child is determined by the father or the sperm. Below we will look at some secrets on how to have a boy.

Get the Time Right

The Shettles Method depends on the timing of having sex for increasing the chances of conceiving a baby of the required gender. As per this method, when a couple has sex at ovulation, the chances of conceiving a boy are the highest. So, a woman will be required to monitor her menstrual cycle for a few months to determine the ovulation time in the cycle. Men should not have sex or ejaculation 4-5 days prior to ovulation and have sex ideally 12 hours before ovulation.

Why it helps: The sperms with Y gene or baby boy gene are fast swimmers but with a short life span compared with X gene. Once a woman ovulates, the number of Y sperms should be highest in the uterus so that they will have more chance to fertilize the egg.


Take Your Position

Since ancient times it has been believed that certain sexual positions benefits the conception of a baby boy. Some theories suggest having sex with heads pointing in the northern direction or the woman sleeping on the left side helps in conceiving a baby boy. A book named How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby by Dr. Landrum Shettles suggests that to have a baby boy, deep penetration is required. Rear-entry position causes deep penetration and thus should be tried by the couples who want to know how to have a boy.

Why it helps: The entrance of the vagina is acidic, which kills the boy sperms. When there is deep penetration, the sperms are released closer to the egg. This means that the sperms do not have to travel through acidic vagina either. And since the boy sperms are faster swimmers, they get a head start over the baby girl sperms.


Apply a Boy Diet

Women can wonder what I should eat to get pregnant with a boy, because certain foods can help in conceiving a specific gender. To answer this question, a woman can include salty foods, red meats, eggs, peas, beans, sweet corn, bread, fish, raisins, zucchini and mushrooms in their diet. Foods which are alkaline are better for the boy sperms as compared to acidic foods. Breakfast should not be skipped and nutrients like potassium, calcium, vitamin C, E and B12 should be included. Similar to this, girl diet foods also exist.

Why it helps: The boy sperms cannot survive in an acidic environment. When changes are made in the diet, the pH balance in the women's body can be altered. An alkaline environment favors the boy sperm.


Take a Dose of Cough Syrup

Why it helps: You might wonder how taking cough syrup is related to the wish of having a boy. However, it is a belief some women have. Apparently, the cough syrup causes the cervical mucus to thin down, just as it thins down the respiratory mucus when you have a cough. This is considered favorable for the faster Y sperms. The ingredient which takes effect is Guaifenesin. If you want to try out this trick, you should look for a product with this ingredient.


Wear Boxers and Say No to Tight Pants (for Men)

Why It Helps: This particular method applies to the men. Sperms require cooler temperature than the body for optimal survival and they are stored in the testicles which are outside the body. Testicles are independent and have larger surface area which helps in maintaining lower temperature than the internal core temperature. According to some belief, the Y sperms or boy sperms are less tolerant of heat as compared to X sperms. Wearing boxers and avoiding tight clothes help in keeping the testes cool. Some men can even use a cool bath or ice pack on the scrotum to ensure a baby boy.


Drink a Cup of Coffee (for Men)

Why It Helps: This one is also for the men. Having a cup of coffee just before sex can help in conceiving a baby boy. Although the reason is not very clear, it could be because the coffee provides an energy boost, which helps the sperms to swim faster.


Try High Tech Ways

Technology can help in determining the gender of the baby and could be the answer to your question on how to have a boy. However, this technology comes with a price. It is expensive, invasive and could get controversial as well. The eligibility criteria for such treatments are also very strict.

  • Sperm Sorting: In this technique, the Y or boy sperms are separated from the X or girl sperms. The Y sperms are then inserted in the uterus of the woman by a process called as intrauterine insemination (IUI). This process is where the chosen sperm fertilizes the egg in vitro.

  • PGD and IVF: PGD stands for preimplantation genetic diagnosis which is used along with in-vitro fertilization or IVF. When an egg is fertilized, the embryo divides rapidly. Doctors remove one cell from it and determine the gender. Only when the embryo of a desired sex is found, it is implanted in the uterus. Although this method is effective, it is controversial.


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