Do you have the problem on the bed? Or just want to perform better? How to have sex for a longer time is one of those embarrassing questions that you only approach the internet for an answer. We aren’t entirely sure how long is long enough for sex. With the advent of online pornography, people just worry more since they gauge their own performance with the ones on those porns. While on one hand it could be real problems such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, those aren’t always the case. As a general rule, however, if you last anything under three minutes, it’s probably best for you to check up on the cause further. SO if you want to know how to have sex for a longer time, then you have come to the right place. Here we have a short guide on how to get your ladies in the mood and you to impress them.

How to Have Sex for Longer Time: 11 Steps Giving You Better Sex Life


Sleep Well

A research done by the University of Chicago concludes a relation between sleep and testosterone level. As you expect from the title of this section, those who sleep more than five hours of nightly sleep had higher testosterone level. How to have sex for a longer time would mean you need to sleep more too. About seven to eight hours would substantially improve how long you could last on the bed.


Eat Fruits

Not a simple coincidence, but eating a banana before your due diligence does improve your performance on the bed due to its potassium content. The glucose helps with your stamina as well. It’s healthy and natural so why not? Iron and zinc from gooseberry and Alma juice could help you last longer too, with the added benefits of higher quality sperms. Contrary to popular belief, pineapple would not improve the flavor, but eating fruits regularly those makes it mildly sweeter. If you need a pick me up before the intercourse, have some strawberries too. Those have high glucose and zinc content that will help you last longer on the bed.


Do Kegel Exercises

For the question, "how to have sex for longer time", the most important thing you can do is to do your kegel exercises! As far as I know, it’s the only exercise that actually enhances your stamina, done by strengthening your pelvic muscles. A Swedish study revealed how effective it is, five-fold of the volunteer’s original performance in 12 weeks! Perform this by first locating and isolating the muscles used for urine flow control (try to stop your pee or hold a fart to find the muscle). Rhythmically squeeze and release the muscles. Slowly build up on the amount you can do every time and vary the pattern and rhythm. You should notice a better control over your bladder and, of course, your sexual performance in a few weeks.


Build Muscles

Sex doesn’t simply involve one part of your body. You would need to have decently strong abdominal and arms muscle too. If you enjoy trying out different positions, those muscles are going to be important. A stronger core will lead to stronger longer lasting performance. Work on those biceps, abs and triceps regularly at the gym. Blood flow to the penile area will be improved as well and helps to stay longer. Performance aside, the ladies would love your well-toned body and that will boost your confidence.


Avoid Substances That Make You Ejaculate Early

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs all interfere in the way you control your bladder and ejaculation. Processed sugar too could reduce your stamina after the rush ended. Basically, avoid all those things that are unhealthy for you to consume on a regular basis.


Foreplay Longer

People often jump straight into the action and ignores all the foreplay. Sex is supposed to be something enjoyed slow and with passion. Get into the intercourse after the foreplay. Oral sex, kissing, whatever your partner enjoys best. Start slow, build up that anticipation, and you will last longer.



This may surprise you, but for how to have sex for longer time, it is the easiest thing you can do. It’s perfectly natural and healthy, so why not do it? If regularly done, your stamina will build up and premature ejaculation can be prevented. It even relieves your pent up sexual stress and anxiety. Getting familiar with your own body helps you to know your limit. During the sex itself, you can know when you should slow down or change the positions up before you ejaculate and hate yourself for it.


Use Cream

There are no problems with using numbing cream or sprays to last longer. Those are often used to treat premature ejaculation, but using it on a healthy one will enhance the performance to a new level. A few sprays before your sexual fun on your penis and you will be guaranteed to last longer.

Although, be aware that it is a numbing agent, so your sensation is reduced but you could maintain the erection for much longer. Careful on how you use it too, you don’t want the cream to get your partners, lest she will be up for a disappointing night.


Wear Condom and Lubricate Well

Condoms could decrease the pleasure and sensitivity of the intercourse. For those who need to know how to have sex for a longer time, which might be what you need. While some argued that it doesn’t actually change much, for some, the tight rubber works to help too. Of course, not to mention the benefits of it preventing any unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

And do lube it well. The Journal of Sexual Medicine does a study on this, showing that men you used both lube and condoms performs better than the ones who did not.


Change Positions Frequently

A frequent change in positions will shift your attention and cut your climax. Explore different positions, making your sex much more exciting and have your partner pleasured. This is not just a ploy for you to stop your ejaculation, but it’s also a moment for you to focus on your partner.


Change Your Mindset

Sex is not about having an end goal. It’s not about reaching orgasm and be done with it. It doesn’t have to be that way. It's more than just orgasms. It’s about passion, emotional connection, intimacy and pleaser. There is no need to pressure yourself into lasting a long time. Rather, think about how you can make your partner feel as good as possible. Sex is not over once you reach you both ejaculate. Continue with “after play” to pleasure each other more and enjoy the moment for a little longer.


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