Everyone has thought about having sex in public at some point. The danger of getting caught and the sexual exhibitionism involved can be very enticing. Sometimes you get caught up in the moment and you feel like you just can’t wait long enough to get home. Your girlfriend looks ravishing and you’ve been building sexual tension all night. Maybe you’re even a little bit tipsy, you seem to have lost all inhibitions and you’re both aroused. Here are some tips on how to have great sex in public places.

General Tips on How to Have Sex in Public


Be Silent

Since discretion is key, you need to keep things hushed. This is not the time to let out your wildest moans and screams. Unless you’re both intoxicated and don’t really care whether you get caught or not. There’s going to be a lot of heavy breathing and whispering. Anything else should be saved for the privacy of your bedroom.


Make It Quick

You should make it a quickie. There’s no time to pull your kamasutra stunts or make it a long romantic session. Keep those for your bedroom. Hit it and quit it as fast as you can. The secret to having sex in public is to enjoy the thrill and danger of being caught. Everything else is secondary.


Reassure Her

One of the things you have to deal with when you want to have sex in public is your partner’s nervousness. You need to reassure her that everything will be okay. As the man, you will be expected to take charge of the situation and provide direction. She should feel like you know what you’re doing and you’re not going to get caught. This is one vital tip on how to have sex in public.


Keep Your Clothes On

Keep all your clothes on if you can. If you have prior plans of having sex in public, you should dress in a way that allows you to enjoy the romp with your clothes on. You don’t want to be fiddling with buttons and belts as you try to have a quickie without getting caught. If by any chance someone walks in on you, you can always pretend you aren’t up to something dodgy.


Foreplay Beforehand

The mere thrill of what you’re about to do should get you turned on and ready for it. Therefore, you won’t need much foreplay. Dive in and enjoy the moment. If you’re not already turned on, then you have a problem. Make sure to have plenty of foreplay indoor before you venture out. This way you can get right on with it once you find the right spot outdoors.


Climax Is Not the Agenda

Want a handy tip on how to have sex in public? How about using it as foreplay so that you can finish off once you get home? You will be so turned on by the time you get home that you can go on to have the wildest sex you’ve ever had in your life. The images in your heads of you fumbling about in public will be the inspiration you need for a fulfilling experience.

Safest Places to Have Sex in Public


In the Park

Fancy having sex in the park? Take a stroll with your partner on a lovely Sunday afternoon and find a secluded place. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes that won’t get in the way of your romp. Make sure to watch out for noisy dogs.


At the Gym

Visiting the gym during off hours? This is a fantastic time for a romp in public. Hop into an empty changing room and get into it. You can consider this part of your workout. To make the experience more comfortable in the cramped up room, you should hoist your partner so that her legs hooked around your waist. Let her push her hands against the wall for support and start thrusting with your quads. 


In the Toilet Cubicle

This may seem somewhat crazy, but if you don’t mind doing it in a public toilet, then this is a great spot to get it on. If you’re doing it in a toilet cubicle, you might want to avoid wasting time touching and petting. You don’t have to do it standing up since you can use the toilet seat. Let your partner seat on it as you thrust into her.


In a Taxi

This is one of the trickiest places to have sex. Get your girl to sit on your laps while facing forward. Lift up her dress and undo your trousers for easy access. Make it subtle so as not to attract the cab driver's attention. Don’t thrust. Let the natural movement of the car work for you.


On a Beach

Then how to have sex in public places like the beach? First, get a secluded spot on the beach, preferably when the beach is more or less deserted. Then before you get into the action, lay some sort of blanket on the ground. You don’t want to do it on the sand. It can get really uncomfortable if it gets into your privates. Another great idea is to do it in the water. You’ll feel weightless and relaxed. It’s an absolutely amazing experience.


On the Office Desk

Having an end of year party at your office and your partner happens to be there with you? You can sneak into your office and have a steamy session on your desk. Make sure to close the door behind you. You don’t want to get caught pants down by your boss or workmates. If your office has CCTV, you might as well forget about fulfilling this fantasy. It won’t be worth the trouble.


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