It's very normal that there are some people that you don't really like, and who you want to avoid at all times. Meeting them unexpectedly in a party or any other social occasion could be awkward, and so you need to know how to ignore someone to make the situation less uncomfortable for you.

Ignoring a particular person can be hard at times, but if you know the rules of effectively ignoring a person, you can make your social encounters easier and less unpleasant.

15 Tips on How to Ignore Someone

If you want to learn how to ignore someone, there are some special techniques that you can follow in order to make the matter effective.

Stay Away If Possible

If it is possible, stay away from that person; avoid situations where you know they might be - parties, bars or reunions. If you avoid the locations altogether, you won't have to worry about meeting them or knowing how to ignore someone. However, it is not possible in a number of situations, i.e. work parties, family dinners or meet-ups with mutual friends. In those situations, you will just have to deal with the situation.


Track Their Activity

If you are connected with that person on Facebook or any other social media sites, you can track their activity to know where they are or where they are planning on going. This way, you can learn how to ignore someone by avoiding the locations where they might already be, or where they are about to go.


Be Ready to Handle the Situation

When you know beforehand that you are about to meet the person you don't like, you will know better how to ignore someone. If you are aware of the presence of that person before you meet them - which would be easier if this is something related to work or your family - you need to prepare yourself.


Leave Before They Arrive

Again, if it is possible, try to leave before they arrive. This way, you won’t have to meet them and look for ways on how to ignore someone. Rather, you would have the opportunity to both attend the occasion as well as leave without having to confront the person.

All four of these tips were for situations where you have the option of not being present. Conversely, there are some people that you have to meet almost every day who you wouldn't want to interact with - a colleague you don't get along with, a neighbor, a family member, or someone else. The following tips will tell you what to do in these situations.


Don't Make Eye Contact

If you spot the person you are not interested in talking to, don't make eye contact. Making eye contact with someone means that you have seen them, or that you are acknowledging them; and this could lead to a conversation. If you don't directly look at them and make eye contact, they might think you haven't noticed their presence and let the matter go.


Walk Away Quickly

If you were going somewhere when you spot this person, start walking faster without making eye contact. If that person hasn't seen you, walking quickly will take you out of their eyesight soon and save yourself the interaction. Even if the person has seen you walking, they might think that you are in a hurry, and leave you alone.


Manufacture a Blank Look

Try to create a "blank" or a "dead" look on your face when you see that person near, to look as if you haven't seen them. In this way, even if your eyes meet suddenly, your blank expression will give the hint that you are not paying attention and that you haven't seen them. If they are smart and more importantly, if they share your sentiment, they will regard it as disinterest and move on without bothering you.


Look Busy or Engaged

If you see the person you want to ignore, immediately look busy with what you are doing. If you were talking to someone else, look extremely engaged in the conversation so that the other person would not want to disturb you. This can also work as an excuse later if the person confronts you; you have the option of saying that you didn't notice them because you were busy or talking to someone else.


Use Your Accessories to Look Busy

If you were not busy or talking to someone but you want to look that way, use what you have with you - your cell phone or your bag you are carrying. Start talking on your phone to make them think you have just received a call, or rummage through your bag looking for something. This would also make the person think you are busy and don't want to be disturbed.


Play Some Music

If this is an informal occasion, use your headphones to play some loud music. That way, you can ignore a person because you were "too engrossed in the music"; besides, if they call you from behind to start a conversation, you can just say later that you didn't hear them because of the music.


Keep the Conversation Minimal

If all your attempts fail and you find yourself communicating with that person, keep it as minimal as possible. After the usual polite "Hello! Good to see you." end the conversation saying, "I'll get back to you later" and walk away.


Give a Very Dry Answer

When they are enthusiastically asking you a number of questions, just give extremely dull and uninterested responses in return. Answer every question with a "Yes" or a "No" or just a "No idea", and they'll understand.


Don't Answer Their Calls

The easiest way to ignore someone is to ignore them via your phone. If you see their number on your cell phone, just don't pick the phone. If they go on calling a number of times, just send a text message saying "In a meeting, will call later" and leave the matter at that.


Block Them on Social Media

Another great way to ignore a person is to block them via social media so that they won't be able to see your activities or communicate with you in any way.


Ignore Them, Period

If that person is not really that important in your life, and if it is possible for you, just ignore them directly. Don’t answer if they call you, stop responding to their texts; don't smile or nod if you meet. Just completely stop acknowledging their existence and hopefully, they'll get the hint.


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