When a guy is attracted by a girl, he does a lot of things to impress her. While some guys put lots of efforts in courting a girl but fail nonetheless, some other guys just take it easy and they always find their way in making the girl of their dreams their girlfriend. Have you ever wondered how they do this? This article will give you tips on how to impress a girl effortlessly.

How to Impress the Girl You Like


Practice good hygiene

Nothing looks more attractive than a man who looks tidy and fresh. Make sure to take a shower at least once every other day and wear clothes that are clean and ironed. Don’t forget to practice good oral hygiene too. A body odor and a bad breath will surely turn off a girl. You may also try putting on an antiperspirant and some cologne but don’t go overboard with it. By projecting good hygiene, it will show that you are capable of taking on responsibilities whether they are big or small.


Be well-mannered

No, you don’t have to be boring and serious. It only means you need to respect those who are around you regardless of their age and status. How to impress a girl? Be polite and prove that you are a real gentleman. You don’t have to act very stiff and indifferently but avoid cursing or acting as if you are not educated even when you are around people whom you don’t like.


Watch your words

Having a good sense of humor will help you attract a girl, but make sure to avoid dirty jokes because this will only make her think that you just want to get her in bed. Avoid talking about other girls with her too because that is another turn-off because it will make her think that you are a player. Be tactful when you are around girls. Tactfulness is the ability to say the right words at the right time and at the right place. This is a skill that only a few have mastered.


Compliment her

Women love being flattered, but not so much in the physical aspect. Some good examples are complimenting her eyes and her smile. Or if she is wearing a nice dress, tell her she looks great in the dress, instead of just saying that the dress is nice. There is no need for lengthy compliments; those quick and short ones work best. Besides, do this when there are only a few people around her to increase intimacy and avoid any awkwardness. 


Show her she’s special

Make the girl feel special by giving her attention that you don’t give to other people. For example, reply to her immediately when she texts you or make time to listen to her when she needs you. Or offer to drive her home when you know it’s already late or it is inconvenient for her. These gestures need a lot of efforts from you but it will all be worth it in the end.


Practice chivalry

Another way of how to impress a girl is by practicing chivalry. This is a tradition that is now rarely used by men, but this act will make you stand out among others. For example, when she can't decide on what to eat in a restaurant, decide for her in a nice manner and give some convincing reasons, or she may feel offended. 


Pay attention when she talks to you

Once the girl is already comfortable with your company, there will be times that she will open up her troubles and worries to you. Pay close attention and show her how much you care about what’s going on with her life. Look at her in the eyes because this will show your sincerity. If she catches you looking at her chest, she will think that you are just another douche bag that can’t be trusted.


Befriend her friends

When you want to have a relationship with a girl, you should know her better to see if you two are compatible as lifetime partners and get enough information to cater to her needs. You can do this by knowing her friends and family. When you become friends with her friends, they will give you more information about her intentionally or unintentionally and they will mention or praise you in front of her, which will help you a lot in making her your girlfriend. 


Center around her

One way of showing a woman that she is important to you is by ignoring your phone whenever you are talking to her. Putting your phone in silent mode or turning it off completely will show her that she has all your attention.

Besides, look into her eyes constantly when you two talk, don't look at other people especially other girls around you, listen to her carefully and give proper responses from time to time, ask her some not-so-private personal questions and compliment her about her taste or something.


Be yourself

It is true that when you are thinking about how to impress a girl, you must put your best foot forward. But don’t forget that if a girl still doesn’t know you so well, she needs to see the real you. Don't change yourself just to meet her standards for boyfriend. After all, you want her to fall in love with you, not some stranger you've changed yourself into, right?


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