Impressing a girl that you know is easier than impressing a girl you know nothing about, because with the former, you have at least bare minimum knowledge of her likes and dislikes, right? But when it comes to how to impress a stranger girl, you don’t know where to begin because you know basically nothing about her. But here’s the thing – even with zero knowledge, you can actually end up impressing said girl.


10 Ways to Impress a Stranger Girl


Grab her attention

If she’s young and pretty, then you can be sure that she already has a line of guys just waiting to date her. So if you think you can impress her just with your good looks, you may be right. But if you really were that good looking, you wouldn’t be looking up articles on how to impress a stranger girl on the net, right? Know that eye contact is essential. If she catches you looking at her, make eye contact for 1-2 seconds, look away, then look at the ground and smile shyly.

Remember: Girls love confident, guys, but we love awkward guys even more.


Babies are instant chick magnets

If you have a niece or nephew you can borrow for a day, great! Take them to the place your mystery girl frequents, and then be the good little uncle that you are. Play with them, give them attention and make them smile. OR you can just as easily pinch the cheeks of any cute children that you come across (who are with their parents, of course), baby talk with them for a couple of seconds, and be on your way. Such actions will not only make you stand out in a crowd of guys, but will also instantly make her notice you as well. If this is not possible for you, then know that>


Dogs work just as perfectly

Any man who is kind to pets (cats and dogs) is seen as instant dating material by most women, because it shows that you are a caring and sensitive man (a rarity these days). Do with your dog what you would do with your niece or nephew as mentioned above, and see the magic work on your future girlfriend.


Hygiene is important

When it comes to how to impress a stranger girl, this one goes without saying. But we still have to say it because of just how many boys don’t give importance to their hygiene. Guys, no girl on this planet is ever gonna be attracted to someone who reeks of body odor and bad breath. Oh, and using deodorants excessively cannot be used as a substitute for showering. They just can’t. That’s disgusting, until and unless you’re planning on attracting a female troll.


And so is appearance

Shave your face, get rid of douche hats, hoodies, vests and v-necks, crocs, sandals, no old and tattered clothes and definitely no wearing your jeans lower than your hips. To be on the safer side, simply opt for a pair of regular jeans (not the torn ones), and a plain/casual t-shirt. For shoes, canvas or gym shoes would be your best bet.


Be by yourself

A guy who is alone in a crowd appears to be way less intimidating than a group of guys laughing and talking to each other. It also makes you easier to approach (if she chooses to do so), so make sure you’re always alone when you’re frequenting her place. The only acceptable companies are babies or pets.


Be regular

If you know places where she hangs out regularly, make sure you visit those places frequently, and at the time that she visits them. If she works at an establishment, then you should focus on how to impress a stranger girl by capturing her attention. And the best way to do so is to become a regular client there.


Approach her at the right time

The key to approaching her is when she’s free, not feeling rushed and has time to relax. So for example, if she’s a waitress at a coffee shop, wait for either her lunch break, or for her shift to get over. If you’re going to approach her when she’s serving other customers, cleaning tables or making coffee, you are not only going to catch her off guard, but are going to be a hurdle in her professional chores.


Do something different that catches her attention

Now this is where your creativity and talent are put to good use. If you’re a painter, choose a good spot where she can easily see you from her work place, and start painting still life. If you play musical instruments, then play them to entertain bystanders! Help old people cross the road, or simply collect the trash that people have thrown on the streets, and throw it in a garbage bin. Whatever it is, make sure it’s an unusual activity which will catch her eye.


Talk to the people around her

This is one of the more convenient ways on how to impress a stranger girl. It could be her friends, colleagues or coworkers. Chat with them, especially if they are dudes – because it’s just easier for you to talk to men than to girls, right? And when they are comfortable with you, broach the topic of the girl in question, and very subtly get to know as much as you can about her through her acquaintances. This will definitely help you decide better if you want to pursue her, or not. But be careful – people can often be poor judges of other people, and tend to believe negative rumors easily. So keep that in mind when your new acquaintances talk to you about her.


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