Have you ever want to know how to impress girls without talking to them? You can look dazzlingly handsome and easily attract all the girls. But some of the more average looking guys could become a popular girl magnet as well. The secret is with the effort they put in to have an all-around nice personality and refreshing appearance. You have to be friendly, fun and approachable, then keeps up with your daily grooming and neat fashion. The most important thing is to gain respect from your peers.

The first thing that catches the ladies’ eyes is the way you look. Be it you have an interesting sense of fashion or the way you bring yourself to look all confident. This is not merely a thing for the adolescence, but when we cross into the adulthood too. It’s never easy to get every girl you want to be fawning over you.

We have some tips and suggestions to help you reach that goal one day!

9 Practical Tips on How to Impress Girls Without Talking to Them


Be clean.

There is nothing that turns women away faster than a sloppy look and body odor. If you want girls to be impressed with you, you better want them staying around you without being sick every five seconds. Then if you want them to be interested enough to start a conversation with you, looking good is going to be important. You can level up your looks with a well-groomed face, that’s having a shaven face, good hairstyle and, optionally, shaped eyebrows. With clothes, get a female friend to help you with the shopping. She knows what you need to wear to get the girls. Deodorant is necessary if you have a problem with body odor since the girls going to love you smelling all nice, deodorant is not a replacement for showers. Do properly take care of your own grooming.


Pay close attention to your clothes.

There is nothing worse than getting all the grooming above right and then wearing ill-fitting clothes. Often it's difficult to tell on your own. Get the assistance of a friend or sales associate to find what’s best for you and what doesn’t work at all. That second opinion is crucial to how you look in front of the girls.

From there, clothes should be tailored to reflect your personality. If you aren’t sure of what to wear, then just copy what those celebrities or models are wearing. Trendy and up-to-date clothes would leave a lasting impact on the ladies. Women love fashion after all. Although, don’t jump onto any fashion bandwagon you see, that is a trap for people with too much money to spare. Or you can just wear style that will never go away, such as dress shirt and jeans, as long as it is neat and dandy.


Be wary of the way you move.

Posture make you looks more important that you actually are. The way that you move or walk says a lot of your insecurities. Having an awareness of this raise up your stature among the ladies.

Walk slower with a more controlled movements. It might feel awkward at first but the more you get used to it the better. The actions will make you look more comfortable with yourself and the world.

Take up more space. You know how those gangsters walk with their limbs swinging widely? Same concept but tone it down. Stretch out your legs, stand straight and lean back. You are trying to mark a territory around your body.

The tone of your voice should be controlled too. It’s still a huge part of your body language. If you think you are talking too fast, slow it down and the volume should be steady.


Be the center of attention.

Say you want to a girl to pay attention to you, then you need to be the center of attention among your friends. Be fun and exciting, have people flock you, especially when trying to get that particular girl’s attention.

As counter-intuitive as it is, having a group of people attracts more attention than a single person skulking in the corner of the room. You are going to be the main pillar of the group, have your own presence that stands you apart from the crowd, the dapper clothes help, but it will be up to your infectious attitude.


Show off your talent.

You surely have something that you are special in or extremely good at. A hobby, a taste in music, maybe you are a foodie that or grew up in an interesting environment. It’s about time you use those qualities to your advantage. Women appreciate a unique men, something that differentiate a man greatly from another, something that leaves an impact, that you are your own person. At work, you want to be passionate and excels in your project. In high school, you must win competitions. These are a few things that set you apart and ones that get you the attention from the girls.



Generally speaking, girls of all ages would always go for the physically fit man. There is no need to be muscular like Arnold Swatchenager or the “Rock”, but a decently toned muscles leave a strong image. Not everyone is born handsome, but everyone could train their body into a good shape. Start today, leave time for an hour of gym daily. Fitness level and attracting girls come hand in hand. Not only are you taking care of your body, you are also looking more attractive. The effort is how you impress girls without talking to them.


Get to know one of her friends.

Scared of directly going for the girl you are trying to impress? Then don’t risk it as much by approaching one of her friends first. Get friendly with them, guy or girl, if they like you, they will probably get you with her eventually. It’s safer and makes you more approachable, you get to learn what she likes or dislikes from them too! Even if you failed to reach her, you are still going to meet some new friends.


Eye contact.

This is quite effective for how to impress girls without talking to them: Lock eyes with here, give a smile. Not too long, but just a brief passionate glance. She knows that you had her in mind and that leaves an impression. That window of opportunity comes rarely so seize it while you can. It’s shouldn’t be a stare but rather a glance, like that romantic moment in the movies where the time seems to stop. Don’t overdo it, however, she might just find you creepy. Approach her and introduce yourself instead.


Hang out in the same place.

Raise your chances of bumping into her by hanging out in the same area. If you knew where you are going to see her everyone now and then, make sure that you spend time there more. Like what I said above, get a group of friends along with you. Being in her favorite hangouts makes it more comfortable around you too.


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