We know you have been thinking about getting into his charts, so we compiled a short list of common wisdom about how to impress your boyfriend. This is not the ultimate truth since there can be none. Still, if you go for impressing the guy you like, a bit of reference materials always comes in handy. So here we are with 13 things to do to win him over.

How to Impress Your Boyfriend in 13 Ways


Play smart

There’s hardly anything as flattering for him than a clever, intelligent girlfriend who knows her stuff and can effectively play it out. However, it’s really easy to fall into the trap of pouring everything you know upon him. We urge you not to – one mind-bogging fact a day is enough.


Play silly

The reverse of the medal is to play silly when it comes to entertaining each other or showing him you are not just die-hard nuisance. Being as many-sided as possible is a sign that he will never get bored with you and one of the surest ways of how to impress your boyfriend.


Exchange wits and jokes

You would lose much of his infatuation if you can’t get his jokes or return quick-minded, witty responses. As it’s universally understood, having a sense of humor only proves your intellectual prowess, and this takes us back to point one.


Don’t underestimate the power of your looks

It’s not only about what you say or do. We often forget that our appearance is actually what attracts boys in the first place (yes it is), so why not play with his manly instincts and get him all fired up because you look just impeccably hot in this dress?


Be seductive like no other of his women

Men do compare their current girlfriends with their exes. So knowing you’re going to fight with this imaginary army of better-than-you’s, get yourself ready and lure him with your sex appeal and steaming glances that hint to your wild side.


Help him discover new shades of life

Be the one who can not only take in everything he offers you, but take the lead and show him the other side of common things. You may have some pretty unusual hobbies or be just overall from another planet. Don’t hide it – share it!


Be generous at compliments

Regardless of his star sign, he is likely to long for compliments. It’s not that they should ring shallow just for the sake of it. Try to find something to praise him for from time to time, be it the perfect morning coffee he made or his job promotion.


Be his good pal

Surely, it’s not only about sex. In the morning he will want someone to talk to, laugh with and share intimacy of a wholly new level. By becoming his friend in the first place, you could secure a very special place in his heart and become a true part of his life.


Be a good pal of his pals

Outside your bedroom, there is a completely other universe of your friends, family and just random connections. Making his friends take to you and winning their cheers make this universe a much more comfortable place. Also, he is likely to make friends with your dear people, which makes your bond stronger.


Stay on his side but show you can kick

If you’re curious about how to impress your boyfriend without seeming too timid, this is a good chance to flaunt your individuality but not to lose his predisposition. Show him the power of your temper now and then, so that he could stay pampered.


Have a life of your own

Being his submissive mistress is distressing, but if you learn to live your life to the fullest when he’s not around, you will have more breath-taking stories to tell him later in the day. Having a successful, independent girlfriend is so sexy.


Don’t shy from affection in public

If you are not PDA-friendly, he may think you don’t take him seriously. On the other hand, by being affectionate with him in public opens up new brave opportunities of flaunting your sexuality. He is much likely to be turned on when he notices you have no problems with other people’s opinions.


Be adventurous

What would you say if he asks you to join him for a trip to Himalayas tomorrow? Your ‘no’ may ruin your romance, but suggesting the trip yourself before he even thinks it is a perfect deal. Don’t be scared of your impulses and follow them unless you want to discover one day that you both just go through the motions.

How to Impress Your Boyfriend Through Impressing His Family: 5 Awesome Tips

If you find yourself in a serious relationship, sooner or later it is going to happen. Seeing his family, especially for the first time, may be everyone’s nightmare full of superficial smiles and discomfort. But luckily, it’s really simple to avoid all the pitfalls with these 5 tips on how to impress your boyfriend with your flawless demeanor when spending time with his family.

Forget PDAs

Sorry, but you will have to leave all the kisses and what’s more till you’re all alone again. This may seem irresistible at some point, in which case you can always find some secret nooks and corners. Still, it’s safe to play all good and show that you care more about your conversation than his playful fingers under the table.


Follow the etiquette

This is key to making a perfect first impression. From common greeting and handshakes to being generally polite and well-behaved, you have to stick to the rules of etiquette unless it’s the tenth time you see each other – and even then you should mind your age gap.


Choose your outfit wisely

Even if you’re wild by nature, there’s no point in thrusting it upon his parents and relatives; ultimately, it only matters to him. So when out with his family, stick to some casual but tidy clothes that can prove your good taste.


Don’t be vulgar

It’s a must to mind your language and keep your opinions to yourself. It’s also not advisable to talk to his family members as if they have been living next door to you for all their life and can relate to your jokes and other bits of irrelevant information.


Be respectful in all possible ways

This concerns expressing any views and judgments about your job, family, friends – and the same is about everything that is part of his life. Don’t allow anything grumpy to slip your tongue and you are sure to make a positive impression.


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