It doesn’t really matter if it’s your first date or you’ve been together for six years – impressing your girlfriend is the art that can make or break things. It’s not something that they teach you at school, and it’s highly unlikely your father has ever shared his recipes for success with women (anyway, the topic is just delicate). But don’t you be scared – this art is easy, and we’ll show you how to impress your girlfriend with a few simple tips below.

How You Should Act

It’s all about attitude. If she chooses you among all other options out there, respect her decision and commit to it. All the ‘requirements’ are pretty sensible, and if you look closer they don’t exceed anything you could call a common sense. So, here you go:


This is probably a number one answer to the question of how to impress your girlfriend. Whether you’re a bartender at some obscure watering-hole or a top manager with a global corporation, having a demonstrable goal in your life does help. Show her that you have long-term plans about either your career or amateurish occupation. Sharing your dream with her would be clever – this will prove that you trust her and let her in your life at a completely different level.



Ill manners aren’t called so for nothing, and this is what can really ruin her first (or lasting) impression of you. Remember to hold doors for her, help to put her coat on, and make her comfortable at the restaurant table, to start with. If you go out, make sure she’s ok with your choice of a place, its menu and general vibes. Also, as you are surrounded by other people, make sure you are respectful towards them, keep the distance right and your voice moderate. On a bright side, you can expect the same from her, and it’s a really good indicator of how she behaves in public. If you are not comfortable with her manners, probably it’s a sign for you.



You may be an over-confident lad airing your arrogance, but if you really wonder how to impress your girlfriend, play it carefully. Try not to make any discriminatory or abusive remarks that suggest you may have any prejudices or die-hard opinions about such acute topics as politics, religion, relationships, etc. You can’t really say “I don’t get it when women put their careers first” or “I wish they closed the national borders” without any disappointing consequences.



Even if you pass those important milestones that have brought you to a desired level of intimacy, staying attentive is the key to sustainable relationships. Who knows, the lack of attention might be the reason she broke up with her last boyfriend. Of course, you’ll never know, but the secret is this: listen to her, especially when she’s down or uneasy, help her to sort out tiny everyday issues together, and try to share her interests, be it silly TV shows or knitting. She is likely to share yours back, so hopefully it would make another happy couple!

What You Could Do

Nah, it sounds like the hardest part. However, every little effort pays off, and here are some suggestions on how to impress your girlfriend with a bit of imagination and free time!

A very special date

Now, this combination of words may frighten you, as if you won’t be able to live up to her expectations. How about this: listen carefully when she talks about her favorite music, movie stars, or dream destinations and surprise her by taking her to a local gig, cinema or on a trip without warning or planning on her side! It takes a bit of time and eaves-dropping, you may even confide in her best friends or younger siblings, but this is what gets remembered, after all.


Introduction to your social circle

Nothing proves your commitment more than introducing her to your family and/or best friends. The fact that you are letting her in your circle and invite to your milieu is an act of trust and respect. Of course, you should mind how soon and in what status you do this unless you want to embarrass her rather than impress. Hanging out with you and your friends, she could benefit from getting to know you closer; for you, it’s also the chance to see her unravel her charm and interpersonal skills in front of the people who are dear to you.


A shopping spree

This is not a nightmare as it seems! With the right attitude, shopping with your girlfriend may be as inventive and funny as anything else you like doing together. Be it a trolley ride at a local supermarket, or buying presents for her granny’s birthday, or even stocking her wardrobe for the new season, this act shows that you do care about her needs and accept whatever pastime she finds amusing. And if you feel tired, what can be better than a refreshing ice-cream in the shopping quarter?


Intellectual stimulation

And by this quirky phrase we mean showing off the many sides of your personality. It takes some good sense of intelligent humor (no lavatory jokes, thank you!), some knowledge of contemporary art, and some advances in literature either to support her informed conversation or surprise her with your erudition. Sometimes to take her to an art exhibition or a French new wave retrospective is as exciting as staying home with a take-away pizza. Also, it makes for a nice change in your romantic routine.


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