For most women, sex is more than an act meant to fulfill their physical needs – it’s an emotional drive for them as well. Which is why having just sex with a woman is not enough – you have to make love to her. And in order to make it the best experience for her, you should know how to increase her sex mood. This is also helpful for women who want to have sex but have felt a decrease in their sex drives, or have simply lost interest in sex.

How to Increase Female Sex Mood


Work on the ambience

Your surroundings are very important when it comes to creating the correct mood for sense. And if it seems too confusing to you, then keep in mind this simple fact – your ambience should make your important senses happy. Namely, sense of sight, smell and hearing.

  • Smell: Use a light spritz of her fav perfume. Don’t have access to it? No worries. Invest in some scented candles. Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and cinnamon are among the most popular scents for women.

  • Sight: Don’t keep the lighting too harsh or too dim. Make sure the curtains are pulled and the lighting is dim enough to see what you’re doing, but not strong enough to see each other’s pores.

  • Hearing: Put on some slow jazz music in the background…or if she’s a little wild then a rock ‘n’ roll song of her choice. Whatever floats her boat, you know.


Clean up the mess

A dirty room is barely considered creating the mood. So when it comes to how to increase female sex mood, the first thing you gotta do is clean your bedroom of every unnecessary shit there is, including dirty clothes lying around.


No distractions

Imagine your phone buzzing right in the middle of sex, with it being an important phone call from your boss. Embarrassing, right? Worse, it will immediately kill her mood. Put your and her phones on silent, switch the TV off, and make sure to close your windows so that the noise of traffic from outside doesn’t distract you.


Location, location, location

The bed is great for sex. But do you know what’s even better? Experimenting with your location as it adds novelty to your sex life. Do it in the kitchen or on your expensive couch. And if you’re really in the mood to experiment then have sex in public! Just make sure it isn’t illegal by your country’s laws, and that the location you choose has little to no traffic. Renting a hotel room for the night or even spending a weekend and a B&B is a fantastic idea.


Try different things

Different positions, role playing, BDSM, role-playing – whatever floats your boat. The idea is to do something that you normally wouldn’t do, which would excite you and her.


Comfort is important

One thing that is important when working on how to increase female sex mood is how comfortable she is during sex. Is the room temperature right? Does she have a pillow beneath her waist? Do you always make her sit on top of you?

Do everything you can to ensure that she is comfortable and happy.


Sex isn’t everything

Here’s the thing – sex is great stuff, but it shouldn’t always be your end goal. Especially if your partner isn’t 100% into it. Holding hands, stealing kisses in public, even going so far as fingering her when you two are alone – is enough to make her happy. If she gets into the mood to have sex, then great! If not then remember that life isn’t always about what you want – it’s also about what she wants.


Give her a nice massage

Apart from relaxing her physically and mentally, a good massage is the perfect gateway for how to increase female sex mood. All that sensual touching in the right spots, the aroma of the massage oil and the pressing on the correct pressure points will definitely work in your favor.


De-stress with her!

You both are tired after a rough day at the office, right? So if you think giving her a massage is a little too much effort from your end, then de-stress with her. The effort you have to put for this is minimal – simply draw a hot bath, light some scented candles, play some soothing music and go ahead and enjoy a hot bath with her!


Go herbal

If you want to try getting her into the mood without the help of medicines, then herbs are your best bet. But before you give them to her, make sure you talk to her doctor about any possible side effects, or reactions with any medicines she might be taking. Having said that, know that there isn’t 100% conclusive scientific evidence that supports the use of herbs as aphrodisiacs. However, trying them wouldn’t hurt anybody. The most popular herbs that you can consume in their raw form, powder or capsule forms include ashwaganda, gingko biloba, tulsi and yohimbine.


Talk to her

How to increase female sex mood? Well. Have you tried…talking to her? I don’t understand why so many men fail to understand that a clear and open line of communication with their partner is one of the most important pillars of their relationship. You don’t have to second guess shit if you simply have the courage to ask her what she wants. Really. What’s the worst that can happen?

If anything, this will help you understand her desires better and the more you’re able to fulfill them, the more responsive she will be in bed. It’s a win-win situation for you both.


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