You found the man of your dreams and you’re worried that you might lose him if you don’t up your game. Or you’re just curious how to keep a man interested because you’re not sure what they really want. How to keep a man interested is a good question and the answers are somewhere between science and art. This article will give you a quick walk through the top ten things you should or shouldn’t do to make sure he keeps coming back to you.

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts to Keep a Man Interested


Don’t: Be Clingy and Controlling

Calling him nonstop and asking for his attention constantly can discourage the most in love man. It shows lack of trust in him and lack of confidence in you. It can make you become a nuisance in no time. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about him or ask him how his day’s been going. It just means you need to find your own hobbies and understand he is entitled to have his own separate life. He wants to see the game, let him! He wants to see his friends, don’t complain!


Don’t: Be Sloppy

He fell in love with a gorgeous looking woman who was taking care of her appearance even on an ordinary day. You wouldn’t like him to start growing a beer belly and he wouldn’t want you starting to go out looking unkempt. So for his joy and your own self esteem you should just take the necessary time to put some makeup and a nice fitting set of clothes on. Work out because this will improve your mood, make you healthier and shape your body.


Don’t: Be Whiny and Codependent

We live in an era when women want to be equal with men. This doesn’t mean you should do heavy lifting and get a hernia. It just means that it’s not his personal duty to be your bodyguard, driver and multi-purpose courier. If he said he is too busy to pay the bills today, just do it yourself, even if you hate these chores. Also do it in style, without complaining for days that you had to be brave to go out in such a cold weather or that you spent a lot of time waiting in line.


Don’t: Be Boring

We don’t find new things to talk about every day, especially in a long term relationship. But keeping a separate life, maintaining your own hobbies and having your own friends are guaranteed to create new conversation topics. Think about it this way: if you’re together all the time, then there is nothing that happens to you without him already knowing. This means there’s nothing new to ever talk about during your evenings and dinners together. If you insist being with him all the time, he has no chance to make you a nice surprise or buy you a gift.


Don’t: Think All the Time About How to Keep a Man Interested

Trying to carefully plan for every detail all the time can make you obsess over this. Also it is guaranteed to kill all spontaneity. It will probably make you uncomfortable when things don’t pan out exactly how you intended them to be. So be yourself and keep thing going naturally. Only plan for special events and keep a healthy dose of spontaneity in your life together.


Do: Maintain Your Principles

Sure, a lot of compromises are necessary in a healthy relationship. Asking how to keep a man interested is a good thing, but this doesn’t mean that you should give up everything you consider important and become over compromising. If you feel that you always have to compromise and you’re unhappy, consider that everything has an ending. Relationships involve two people and you alone can’t make it work without his help.


Do: Be Relaxed and Confident

Nothing is sexier than the confidence of a woman who feels good about herself. Women appreciate confidence in men so it’s not surprising that men consider confidence sexy as well. This is the exact opposite of being clingy and manifesting lack of trust. Sure, sometimes everyone has their low moments, but as long as those are the exception and not the rule, you have no reason to be concerned. This is one of the best tips on how to keep a man interested.


Do: Experiment in Bed

Having strong principles is good, but that should exclude the lots of varieties between the sheets, which can make your life more fun and him constantly wishing for something more. In love and war everything is fair. Apply this way of thinking to your intimate moments. If you really like him, then everything you do together will feel right and be enjoyable. Don’t deprive him and yourself of some great moments together by being stiff. This doesn’t mean that you should do just about anything for his sake, even if you don’t enjoy it. It just means not to be shy.


Do: Show Him Your Support

Whether it’s about his tiring work schedule, a family emergency or his cash problems, you should be constantly there for him when he needs you. That doesn’t mean that you should always pay his bills, work in his place or be neglected for days in a row. It just means to show him your support and consideration when he really needs them. If he has a rough time, be understanding and don’t try to make it about yourself.


Do: Maintain a Healthy Sense of Humor

Men love women who laugh at their jokes. Sure, they enjoy your jokes, but for them it’s more important to know you consider them funny. This is what they actually mean when they say they love a woman with a sense of humor. Also a good sense of humor can help you pass through the more bleak times in life, so make this an asset that’ll work in your advantage.


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