You may be newly in love or in a long-term relationship, but at any stage it is important to keep things fresh and fun. While you are on cloud nine and madly in love with the man of your dreams, you may not realize he’s not as interested anymore. Before you turn the blame on yourself, there are some key things you can do to keep him on his toes. You may have let him believe your world won’t exist without him and he may take you and your relationship for granted. Discover the best ways to hang on to the love of your life and learn to keep the fire burning.

How to Keep a Man on His Toes


Be Affectionate

Actions speak louder than words, so while it is important to remind a man everyday that you love and care for him, show him through your actions as well. Sometimes with everyday stress, we often forget to remind our partners how we feel about them. Don’t let a normal routine get in the way of cuddling and saying, “I love you” frequently. Keep your man interested with all kinds of affection.


Have Respect

Even when men act like children, you should make an effort to have respect and treat him with respect. It can be easy to quickly yell or talk down to him, but working to solve the issue with maturity and respect will keep everyone happier in the long run. When your man messes up, focus on the love and equal respect in your relationship. Men often value being respected more than being loved, so keep this in mind when times get tough.


Encourage His Hobbies

We all need a bit of space sometimes to take pleasure in activities outside of the relationship. Give him the space needed to spend time with friends and just generally do his own thing. Do not smother him. While he gets time to do things he likes, you can do something for yourself too. Take up a hobby of your own and this way you both have things to bring back to the relationship.


Let Him Chase You

Men love being challenged a bit especially when it comes to the thrill of the chase. If you are wondering how to keep a man on his toes, try to play a little hard to get. Then, in the end, he will feel accomplished with all the hard work he put forth to get you. You can try to tease him with something he wants as a fantasy, and no matter how much he begs, let him chase you a bit to earn the reward.


Spend Time on Yourself

In the beginning of a relationship, we often spend a lot of time taking care of ourselves. As the relationship continues, it is normal to stop shaving frequently or dress up with your hair and makeup done as much as you did in the beginning. After all, it is a lot of work. While you don’t need to try and look like a super model, take some time to take care of yourself. Putting your best foot forward will make you feel good and keep things fresh.


Stop Trying so Hard

He started dating you and fell in love with you in the first place for a good reason; he thinks you are good enough just the way you are! Men don’t usually like when women become too accommodating. The key here is for you not to lose yourself by trying too hard to be the partner you think he wants. There are different ways for how to keep a man on his toes, but generally, being yourself will always help you to get through those relationship slumps.


Put Your Relationship First

While there is something wrong with your relationship, perhaps you are prioritizing work, children, other family members, or friends first. If your man is lower on the totem pole, it could cause him to seek outward of the relationship for more validation. Your relationship should be the main focus of your time and energy if it’s the one you want to have for your entire life. Show your man that he and the relationship are the most important things to you and give them the care they deserve.


Have "Me" Time

As much as you love staying in together and cuddling on the couch, try to allocate time to yourself once in a while. This will make your guy miss you a bit and keep him longing for you. You can add more excitement by occasionally including him in something you like to do. Especially in the beginning of a relationship, this will help show him who you are and indicate that you want to share things you like with him. By doing so, he will see that you are not just assimilating to his life which can be boring for many guys.


Plan Surprises

Maybe he shows signs of disinterest because things have become boring. One way for how to keep a man on his toes is to shake up your normal routine with something special and out of the ordinary. He will appreciate your effort of grabbing his attention, and the relationship will become stronger by a new shared experience. For example, show up at his place and surprise him with the concert tickets he’s been talking about or plan an unexpected date.


Slow Things Down

Rushing into things can often leave people feeling burnt out or bored of each other. Desiring each other is important for you both to feel the passion long after the initial infatuation of a relationship. By slowing down and making moves more thoughtfully, you will help to prolong the fire in the relationship. Try not to let your lives revolve around each other too soon and build up to that serious commitment.


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