People always think they are experts in maintaining a strong and healthy relationship until they are actually in one. We find couples that work against each other on the rough days, arguing over financial issues, ending up in a breakup or divorce. Once the honeymoon period is over, most relationships find difficulty in keeping the commitment they once promised each other, slowly with difficulties and problems weighing in. How to keep a relationship strong? There is no definite answer, but here are some effective ways to consider.

How to Keep a Relationship Strong: 10 Creative & Effective Tips to Build a Strong Relationship



An essential aspect of a good, healthy relationship: trust. If you don’t trust your partner, how could he or she trust you back? Do not question your partner’s actions or motives. Suspecting them of cheating or doubting them, often because you are being paranoid with no basis, has no place in the relationship. Believe in each other and that trust is the key to keeping a relationship strong.


Love Languages

Everyone has a unique way of asserting love. Whether it is reciting cliche quotes, quality time, giving gifts, physical touch or a simple act of service. Make sure your love language is affirmed by each other. Continue keeping each other feeling all special and loved supports the connection you both have. Don’t forget to attend and return your significant other’s love language consistently!


Small Act of Kindness

Relationship is largely supported by little random acts of kindness. Leaving handwritten letters or postcards for the partner to read if they are coming back late from work, or eating wonderful meals together whenever possible and buying flowers for each other.

Small acts keep the heart beating. Be it doing the dishes, a long hug or small gifts that remind you of your partner, it’s a continual showcase of love and support.

Do the chores when your partner is tired, leave small notes all over the house, bake cookies or prepare breakfast in bed. Kisses and hugs shouldn’t be reserved for anything, just do them because you love your partner.


Keep Things Fresh and Interesting

The relationship can run into stagnation pretty quickly (or the so-called married life syndrome), although it’s not something you should worry about. In the beginning, you still need to ensure to steer clear from monotony and get used to that habit. Sure, you can have that takeouts from the same place every weekend nights, but be sure to keep things interesting and consistently do new stuff together. While routines are pretty welcomed, doing the same thing every day of the week after week will get stale quickly.

  • Have spontaneous new date idea every month

  • Cook new meals for your partner

  • Eat in new places or hang out in a cafe

  • Day trip to the next city and explore


Be Open to Discussion

Communication and being open to discussing anything in the relationship will make the relationship going strong. Rather than being mute about what you think is ruining the relationship (it would not go away anytime soon anyway, might even get to the point that you can’t tolerate), talk about it with your partner, and discuss what both of you can do. Sex, finance, family or just his annoying habit of muttering all the time, whatever bothers you or you think is going to hinder the relationship, just be honest and have a talk.


Prioritize Your Partner

If you truly care about the relationship, it should be in your priority. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your top priority at all times. Children's could always come first or maybe even your career is calling for more attention. While you can’t make your relationship the first in the priority list, it should still be a priority. Give the time and space you both deserve whenever possible. Focus and be attentive in the relationship. When your phone rings while you both are having a passionate talk over a meal, you can always ignore it and call back later.


Respect Each Other When You Argue

The argument is part of the relationship package that no one enjoys. Fighting is fine but do it constructively. Listen to your partner and don’t interrupt. Understand where each of you is coming from, why both of you are upset or angry. Control your temper and emotions. Remember, actions might hurt, but words can hurt more. Do not forget to apologize to each other afterwards.


Personal Space

As much as we all demand closeness, we also demand our own personal space. Find that sweet spot for your relationship where you feel the warmth, while you won’t want them to feel clingy and overly burdened by you. In the end, it will feel like they are trapped in the relationship, grasping for air to recover from having too much of you in their life.

It’s like the dilemma of two porcupines, wanting to move closer to each other for warmth, yet risk getting pricked by each other’s spine if they get a little too close for comfort.



For how to keep a relationship strong, you must be realized of this: a romantic relationship with no sex is just an empty one. The sex equation is simple, the more you do it, the more you want it. The less you do it, the less you want it. Live you sex life and keep it interesting. When you reach the point where you need to spice it up, keep on going and enjoy the experiences together.


Do Not Compare

As they said, the grass is always greener on the other side. Who knows, it is could be greener on your side. Never compare the way you live your life with others. The jobs they have, the size of their houses, the quality of their clothes, you name it. The advent of the social media doesn’t necessarily help either and so we tend to compare. The happy couple doesn’t need to take a peek at their neighbor's grass, they are more than satisfied with the view right out their door step.


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