There's no single answer to how to keep your girlfriend happy. They say even women don't know the answer themselves. Even if it's right, don't panic - there are always good ways to show that you care about her and are eager to prove it for her sake. To help you in this mission, here are our golden tips for becoming a better boyfriend and bringing joy and mutual commitment into your relationship.

What Your Girlfriend Wants You to Do

The combination of your right attitude and determination to work on your relationship should show in the following steps you are advised to take.

Listen to her

She has so much to say - about her day, her lunch, her friends, her family, and her favorite singers' latest news. In this avalanche of information, you are sure to get so much about her wellbeing and mood. Do listen to her, do not just pretend you do, and you are bound to understand her better.


Be respectful

Don't allow any disrespectful remarks about her, her family or friends without any really - like, really - serious reasons. She wants to share everything with you, and it's likely to hurt her feelings if she sees you don't give a damn about some part of her life or her view of the world.


Be inventive

She expects that every day spent with you will add something up to her experience. Be the one to guard your joy and get rid of any signs of boredom. You may ask, how? Let your fancy fly - take her on a trip, read her aloud, have an aroma bath together after a hard work's day. These are just some of the ways of how to keep your girlfriend happy.


Be an amazing lover

It takes a bit of practice, but nothing brings you closer together than having incredible sex. This is your task as much as hers, but your temperament and bad habits can change a lot, as she would rather have you taking the lead in your sexual life. The golden rule is to stay within her limits and not to try and subdue her for something she doesn't feel like doing. Remember being respectful?


Leave her some personal space

Even if you want to spend every single second together, each of you should have some personal space (and time) to enjoy alone or just away from your romantic world for two. Be positive about her wanting to spend this evening with her friends and don't get jealous any time she's not with you. She will get back to you refreshed and pampered, with more energy to dedicate to you.


Give her presents

Little personal gifts from time to time are a perfect evidence of your affection. This will encourage her to keep on being a loving girlfriend! In your turn, you can encourage her more by leaving warm notes and her favorite flowers on her table just to cheer up and remind her of you.


Be helpful

Being a part of her life means sharing both good and bad as it happens. If she lets you know that she may need your help, both physical and psychological, don't turn away and stay her number-one helpline whatever happens.


Invest in your relationship

She expects you to be as engaged in your relationship as she is, without just reluctantly accepting the worldly goods of your romance. Be proactive and show her that you are eager to spend time and money when needed, because you want it to keep going... too.

What Your Girlfriend Wants You to Say

With your pocket full of useful catch-phrases, you are sure to stay her all-time favorite boy. Just make sure to mean everything you say, and there won't be a better way of how to keep your girlfriend happy.

"I've never been happier."

With this, you emphasize that you reserve a very special place for her in your life and put her above all other girlfriends you have ever had.


"I've got two tickets for..."

Wherever you take her, this combination of words is magic and shows that you like taking the initiative in your hands.


"Let's go to (the resort of your choice) next summer."

What can be better than spending a wonderful summer holiday with the man you love? Also, with this 'next summer' bit you show that you are serious about your relationship becoming long-term.


"I want you."

As trivial as it may sound, these words make every girl weak at the knees. Just don't repeat them too often, since she may get scared of your insatiable libido, especially when she doesn't have the same temperament as you.


"Don't worry about the price."

Be it a pair of shoes or your new apartment to rent, she wants to know you are the one she can rely on.


"How's your mom?"

Don't ask this if you don't really care. But if you do, you are likely to win a special place in her heart.


"I'm so proud of you."

Any time she achieves something incredible or passes another important milestone in her life, praise her in the most sincere way.


'I'll do this."

You are the man she has dreamt of - you don't wait to be asked for help, you are responsible and you are the first to take any burden off her shoulders. Now nail it and keep this promise, don't just brag.


"I love you."

This is what can bring your relationship to a whole new level. Use these words wisely, as she won't tolerate any lie or insincerity on this matter. Whatever your motivation to do this, don't wear these words out by repeating them all the time, because they are really precious.


"Will you marry me?"

She will - if you were diligent enough to follow all these best practices we've just shared with you.


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